I first realised that I wanted to be a writer during the second year of my creative writing A Level after playing around with a Bridget Jones-style piece called “Flabby Fun Sacks & Beach Babes” which was a comedy piece about a 30-something year old unlucky in love woman.

Many of my friends read the work that I produced and I soon became concerned over copyright issues and how if my work was ever plagiarised there was no way of proving that it was my own. I believe that every creative artist has the right to copyright their work and that nobody should work for free no matter who is employing them.

I first became aware of the No Free Work movement when I signed up to The Freelancer Club online ( in the hope that I might make the first few baby steps into achieving my dream of being a published author. I soon came across a campaign they were supporting called #nofreework. The artists who sign up to the movement promise:

  • Never to work for free if they are producing intellectual property which may have market value for nothing in return.

Of course I immediately signed up in the hope that nobody would be allowed to exploit us creative dames and “dunkers” anymore or ever again in the future. I urge anyone who is of a creative persuasion to sign, it is free for everyone and there is a promotional pack provided so we can spread the word about the movement on our own creative platforms… Just like this!

I cannot imagine anything worse than someone exploiting my own creativity to benefit their personal growth. Sign up my “mini milks”. We’re standing up for the future creativity of this world.

With Love,

Emma xxxx


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