The First Sip of Milk!

So the blog is finally here! For years I had promised myself that I would take the leap into my writing career and finally begin a blog to track the journey of my life and vent all my wacky opinions and laughable experiences onto and now the time has come!

First things first, why the name? After a long time knowing I wanted to write the blog I was stuck searching for a name which I thought not only suited me but was not boring nor plain. Now, as someone who likes a drink once in a while I have been known for my emotional outbursts over boys and the whole “NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO LOVE ME!” rubbish and after a conversation with a good friend of mine, we ended up taking the mick out of such events and eventually stumbling onto something which we could only describe as ‘genius’.

We discussed the men and women of this world and eventually adopted the common “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” into our own definitions of women being milk and men being biscuits. Odd we know but the concept makes sense! The joke ended spiralling uncontrollably into elderly women becoming fine cheeses, men having to learn how to dunk correctly… Oh dear we did chuckle at ourselves. But anyhow the name coming about as a genius way to describe my blog was as to display to the world that this blog is here to explain exactly “How To Drink Milk”.

My posts will display the life I lead and what I intend to do with it and a few personal stories along the way, through reading this I hope that some of you “biscuits” truly can learn what us “milks” want and what we enjoy! Not only this but I want to make my mark on this world and allow you guys to follow my journey into following my dreams and never letting my head out of the clouds.

Lastly, I want to say a warm milky welcome to you all and I hope you enjoy this tasty journey with me!

With love,

Emma xxxx


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