End of an era…

Hello there my little milklets! Today was kind of the end of an era for those of us reaching the end of our time at the school/sixth form I have been studying at for seven years now!

As ever we finished the year with a bang and we did a mini rewards ceremony not only embarrassingly displaying all of those horrific year seven school photos but awarding a couple of prizes too some of which included “most likely to crash an expensive car…” And “most likely to end up working at Belfairs Academy…”

Of course yours truly managed to win two awards… One for volunteering over the course of the years and the “most like to get mega famous award…” Obviously!

“Award winner!”

The purpose of my post today is just to urge those of you who may still be in your hay day and are trawling around your high schools and colleges grovelling about how rubbish your days are and how much you hate that teacher that definitely hates you and that’s why you always fail your tests that school really isn’t that bad!

Many say that your school days are the best days of your life and sure, they are in many ways! You meet your first real life-long friends, you definitely fell up the stairs at least once and got made fun of, you adopted a nickname for that one really embarrassing thing that you did but most of all you learned who you are! What you want from your life, what you want to do, how you want to improve… Or not. But either way, you honestly don’t know how much fun and self bettering occurs there until you have to leave like me…

In all honesty I do hope that leaving Belfairs Academy will lead me to greater things as I leave to go to university but at the same time I know that as I was sitting there in that assembly room today and was watching all of those photos go by and those awards being handed out that I was nothing short of upset. This was the end of an era. This was the closing of a chapter. One day we will all look back on these years and wish that we were still sitting on the field and singing T2 ft. Jodie’s “Heartbroken” with our Samsung flip phones and bluetoothing all the UK Top 40 hits that we had either dowenloaded or recorded off the radio in the car whilst screaming at our parents “shut up mum I’m trying to record the song!!”.

Don’t take for granted the things that one day you will look back on and say “oh I wish I could go back…”


With Love,

Emma xxxx


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