We all know what it’s like, sitting there like a sack of potatoes on the sofa slowly but surely making our way through that 30% EXTRA FREE pack of Maryland cookies and just telling ourselves “I’ll start my diet tomorrow, weekends don’t count!” But I can promise you that if I am correct, none of us end up starting that diet, and the lure of the melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding strikes again!

Amongst other things one of the reasons I never forced myself to get into the gym or actually exercise anywhere outside of my own home was because of my weight. I remember during one really horrific time in my life when I was going through what can only be described as “the CHAV phase” I decided that I was going to face my fears, throw on those trendy AIR-MAXs and take a light jog around the corner.

Worst. Mistake. Of. My. Life.

All begins well, I’ve hit the bottom of my road and am red in the face coughing and spluttering everywhere, like all good athletes should do, and suddenly my heart stops. I’m frozen to the ground, everything was oblivious to me except that one thing I saw… The girls from the school up the road being released from their day in hell! “Oh. My. Giddy. God…” I thought to myself. These girls literally included the Wicked Witches of the West, the odd and the outcast and none of them looked anything like me.

Every girl had perfect makeup, outcast or not, and hair which was up to date with all the latest fashions. Me? I had on trackies, a t-shirt, a snap-back and AIR-MAXs… I’ve never felt so embarrassed.

Thinking quickly I genuinely tried to run in the opposite direction from them like an ant would from the giant unforgiving hoofs of a giant, but alas my plan was set to fail. As I got around the corner there were just more and more of the girl-meets-orange armies… I was outnumbered!

Putting on my bravest face I halted and simply walked back home. The whole 50 steps back to my door. I did really well that day at exercising I thought. A solid 10 minutes… Go Emma! However, it was not the girls that stopped me from reaching my goal that day, nor was it the heat bashing down on my skin as I wrapped myself in the most layers I could find so my lumpy wouldn’t show, but my weight…

Ever since I was a young girl I have struggled with my weight. When I was really young I looked fab, tanned long legs with bleach blonde hair and wore shorts everyday… But then primary school began and cake seemed to be the only comfort that saved me from the bullies. Nonetheless we all have our own demons, all have our own reasons for wanting to lose weight, all have our own sob stories as to why we ended up the broken individuals we are trying to piece together in our adult life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

After promising myself the whole way through high school that I would lose the piling pounds and join a gym like I’d sworn I would… I still didn’t. I still had a takeaway once a month and still had that one KitKat when I got home, that one dessert after dinner, that one midnight snack… Was there no end to my cravings?!

It wasn’t until one morning in sixth form when I was looking at my bulbous belly in the mirror that I decided I really had to do something about my weight. Bounding into school I and my best friend had a chat about how we both wanted to lose weight and we decided to do it together. I can’t urge enough how much easier it is to achieve your goals when you have an amazing friend by your side cheering you on and vice versa, they are not angry like personal trainers nor are they patronising like that fitness guru in your year group…They’re just – your friend.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all that easy. I still had massive fears that I would walk into my gym and everyone would laugh at the fat girl who would be flopping all over the place as she attempted to even make a dent in the weight that she was harbouring – especially where guys are concerned. I spoke to friends about my fears and they recommended that I use the same gym that they did where there was a women’s only section so I didn’t need to worry about what people would think of me! All was well and dandy with this idea until they went on to explain that to get to the women’s only section you still had to go through the mixed sex multi-gym, immediately planting horror stories in my mind once again…

However, my best friend reassured me that no one would laugh at me! How could they? I was a girl trying to lose weight! If they knocked me down and tried to make me feel small then surely they would be preventing me from removing the part of myself that both of us clearly had an issue with in the first place. So that was it, we went into that gym foyer and signed up. My very first gym membership.

We have been a part of the gym for months now and I have lost weight from my back and even though still a solid size 18, I can purchase clothes and underwear which are a size 16 and they actually FIT! I’m not doing much differently, I’m still getting takeaways and still munching on chocolate fudge cake… But this time I actually feel good about it!

What you wear does not need to be a chore either. I simply wear a sports bra and a jersey tee over the top plus some Lycra trousers and a jumper over the top for my journey there. You can be plus size and still look hot going to the gym, only was this a cheeky selfie in New Look today, but I’m just demonstrating that gym wear doesn’t need to be something to be scared of either…


The aim of this post today was to just make a few of you out there realise that you don’t need to be slim to be sexy, but just be confident in yourself and know that you can do anything you want to regardless of shape or height or anything.

However, if you’re still struggling to heave yourself off that sofa here are my tips to achieving your best potential in the gym and in your lifestyle change to becoming a better you!

  • Workout with friends, it is so much more fun!
  • Do NOT put yourself down, you’re already perfect, you’re just polishing.
  • Don’t go cold turkey and put yourself on strict meal plans, you’ll never stick to them!
  • Invest in some gym gear, I loved going out any buying bags and shoes etc. As all girls do!
  • Have fun with it all! There is no point in going for a run (which I never do!) if you hate it, do what YOU love, I like the cross trainer machine at the gym!
  • Try something new! (You never know how fun a little yoga might be at the end of your workout until you try it out!)

I hope my advice has been well received my milklets.

With Love,

Emma xxxx