The Birthday Beast

So, June is approaching fast and we all know what that means… Birthdays, parties and holidays! Now, of course all of this is good news since it will be the end of college/school and we can finally have some cocktails and sit on the beach in our swimsuits just watching the sea go by. However, although this sounds perfect, there is the absolute stress of The Birthday Beast rearing it’s ugly head.

When I say “The Birthday Beast”, what I mean is that day when you realise in a blind panic that it’s your proper close friend’s birthday that weekend and you have bought nothing for them and because they are so close you cannot get away with just buying them some rubbish chocolates from your local food shop and some bath cream… We all know that’s what you buy for the ones you don’t like that much haha!

Personally, I struggle with knowing what to buy a lot of people as it’s hard to decide whether they will actually want that thing or if they’ll just re-wrap it and pass it on to some cousin of theirs! I want to make this blog post today to give a few of you some tips on what to buy those friends of yours who you really do care about, but because you’re shockingly terrible at remembering the dates of their birthdays (like me!) or because you never know what to buy them you have a panic attack!

Well, panic no more my milklets!

When The Birthday Beast comes knocking at your door this summer time think to yourself “what sort of friend am I buying this present for?” Are they a foodie? Someone who loves a good book? Do they love everything to be about them? Are they interested in travel? All of these characteristics can be the key to finding the ultimate birthday gift! Especially when you are facing a milestone birthday such as an 18th or a 21st!

As someone who is in their final year of sixth form I know “the 18th birthday gift” oh too well… It’s a big birthday and everyone wants it to be perfect as you can practically do anything since you’re considered an ‘adult’ now, however, us poor little minions trying to search aimlessly like a limp sloth for a present for the lucky birthday girl/boy pay the ultimate price as there is NEVER anything they’d like!

Below is a list of some of my favourite sites to get presents for the most quirky, kooky and marvellous of friends! I do sincerely hope they help you all out…

  • LUSH-Okay, so this is more of a personal gift idea as I cannot get enough of bath bombs! Watching them explode like paint at a Holi festival in India, but they are also a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves and have a relaxing night in for themselves once in a while!49b75f30-7809-0132-438a-0ebc4eccb42f
  • The Book Of Everyone – One of my personal favourites this site is terrific for that one friend who just loves being admired! The books are uniquely illustrated and printed with the names of your loved ones on them and they are jam-packed with facts about the receiver! Things like what number person they were on earth, the no. 1 hit single when they were born… Amazing! Plus, the cheeky little thing is that you get to be the author of your very own book that you give away!peep_2
  • Scribbeliscious – Now, this is the absolute perfect gift for that bookworm friend of yours! You know that one which curls up at home and reads all day and is basically surrounded by piles and piles of novels and obsesses over the Bronte sisters… Well, Scribbelisicous makes pendants and rings and other jewellery using the pages of copies of the books that your friend loves! I personally have a pendant given to me by my sister with a beautiful quote from Alice In Wonderland on it. A sweet gesture for the book readers in your group!Im-Late-Im-Late-430x243
  • Smith & Sinclair – When your friends are hitting 18 it is an obvious choice to ram them with vodka and cocktails to get them celebrating adulthood the proper way! But when they end up with a personal bar in their own bedroom it probably seems futile to want to copy everyone else and give them more… Smith & Sinclair are a company which produce cocktail pastilles and other alcoholic treats which will mean you can still give your friend that cheeky alcoholic drink but they just might have a bit more fun doing it!


  • Tickets – Every friend has that band that they love and have always wanted to see so if possible try to get hold of some tickets! If you’re lucky enough to have a quirky friend who is a bit indie and likes to see bands who no one has ever heard of then you’ll find that the tickets aren’t too expensive and that the venues are pretty easy to get to and the tickets will not run out too fast! Plus you’re friend will love you for it more than you can understand! (Personally, I’d love VIP tickets to The 1975!)


  • Boomf – Another one of my personal favourites; Boomf offers marshmallow treats printed with your loved one’s faces on or just photos of anything you want really! They also print cartoons on your squishy mallows for special occasions such as Father’s Day and Christmas! If you felt cheeky why not give your best friend some mallows with their enemy’s face on so they can bite into it with satisfaction and get their own back for once haha!?


  • Wondermade – Another amazing marshmallow manufacturing company but instead of just offering strawberry and vanilla, this one flavours their fluffy treats with alcohol! Perfect for an 18th or 21st! These sweets are good for male friends too as it is always difficult to buy for men as we all know!


  • Mignon Kitchen Co – Mignon Kitchen Co offers the sweetest little delicate gifts for that indie friend or even just that girly friend who likes to keep the stationary on their desk nice and organised or likes to bake cookies on a Sunday morning! Whatever the friend, you can be sure to find something cute and quirky to give them off of this DIY-meets-high-street-chic site!


That’s all we have time for today folks! I hope I have been some kind of help to those of you who might have been ripping your hair out with frustration of not being able to find anything for all those friends of yours! Below are the links to all the sites and please let me know if you know any others that you think are worth a mention!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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