It’s a very, very, mad world…

As a world we are obsessed with the impractical, the disgraceful and the unfulfilling. Every day on the news there is anew post, something about the refugee crisis in Syria perhaps? Or the beautiful gorilla which was so unfortunately shot to death because of our poor judgement as humans.

A little while ago I studied the human mind and discovered that when we fall in love, one part of our brain shuts down in accordance to that person and this is the part of our brain that deals with judgement; hence horrific accidents happening such as with the gorilla. There was clearly such a connection with the child that we as humans did not make a levelled judgement about what to do with the poor creature.

Today I have been thinking about love a lot. We love many people as we aimlessly travel through this world, foremost our parents, then our friends, our pets, sometimes our teachers, the person we fall madly in love with… That’s a lot of love people. So how come in a world full of such beauty and devastatingly overbearing joy at times do we still face tragedy and pain?

Recently Akon gave solar energy to a town in poverty, one person on Facebook questioned this and said “if Akon can give solar energy to a whole town in a year then what have all these charities been doing all this time?” I do not necessarily agree with this statement but I will say that instead of blaming those around us for the mistakes that they have made why don’t we go out there and do something about it?

Six months ago now I found out that I was going to become the Auntie of a little girl. Something has clicked within me since. I have a newfound respect for people who help those in need and have a craving to do it myself! This blog is here to follow my journey and that is precisely what I want to have in this life; a journey. An unquestionably delightful journey through sadness and love and spread my experiences among the people. Mainly through my writings and contributions to the media world but also through the physical act of helping people.

This world is full of too much hate. There is so much more love than hate and although it is extremely rom-com-typical of me to say, love does overcome hate. What I think all of you people want to be told is that you can do it. Some of you dream of being fashion journalists but decide that to leave your family for two years to go and study in New York would be too much a chore and none of your friends would do it so you don’t want to do it either. I can’t count how many times people have told me not to do something because I will embarrass myself or because it is going to cost too much money and they would never do that.

So what?

Do I care?

The answer to these questions is no, I do not. That child that I mentioned is growing to be a huge inspiration to me following the death of my father who still lives on in spirit to help me write and be impacted by everything I see around me. He made me appreciate that if he could he would give me the stars out of the heavens, in a way he has now he is up there with them, but the reason I wanted to share this with you is because I want us all to stand up and do what many people are not able to; give the stars out of the heavens to those who need them.

When you were a child you must have heard that the stars in the heavens were wishes, and according to the Cinderella story “a dream is a wish your heart makes”, and if a dream is a wish your heart makes then sometimes it can be hard for others to hear what you truly want. But in our day and age, we know what people want from looking at them.

The girl who sits her chin upon her hands as she stares at the tall boy at the front of the classroom, his hair slightly ruffled as he sits with his girlfriend, longing for that to be her instead. The child who was left alone at home by his mummy tonight because she had to go and work an embarrassingly dangerous job on the streets just to put food in his belly. The mother in Africa cradling her dead child in her arms because the hospital did not have the medication to save her. The man working three jobs to put his kids into private school because they are getting bullied where they are…

These dreams may mean nothing to us because we are all to caught up in our own to notice anybody else’s, even if half the time we give up on them anyway. Today I want to tell you that if you have a dream and want to achieve it then aiming straight for the top of where you want to be might not be the only strategy. Sure, I want to be a writer, but how can I possibly write without experience of this world. How can I sit down in my comfy leather chair in my mansion with my lit fireplace after a successful book hs been published knowing that there are children out there who will be unfortunate enough to die that night because there is no food.

I know many people say it but if I got so famous I could afford a mansion I wouldn’t buy it. Of course I would make luxury living for myself and make sure that little girl is safe and protected but there is no way that I would sit there and pretend that everything is alright. That those children are safe because they are not.

I want you all to take something from this today my milklets, disrupt this universe, shake the earth, stamp your mark into it. Choose love. Choose victory. Choose success and poverty for no one. Because as Angelina Jolie so rightly expressed in her latest speech and I have lately considered, there is no reason why I should be gifted with this life and another woman a different one. But we are all women, and we fought once for each other, we can do it again.

Queue Cheryl Cole quote; “we gotta fight for this love!”


With Love,

Emma xxxx


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