Why so serious?

Unlike some of you lucky milklets out there getting drunk and wild on a Friday night some of us are tucked up in bed awaiting the dreaded alarm bell to scream at us to wake us up to get into work for 7am. Yes. You heard right. 7am on a Saturday. Now your job sounds better doesn’t it!

Now standing behind my pod at work I see mounds of people go past every day. Some with faces of models and others not so much, some with bodies of gods and others not so much… You get the picture. However, one thing that all these people have in common young or old is their serious view on life. They all ask when the weather is going to cheer up, when some money is going to come their way… All they do is complain!

The question I propose to you all today is why so serious? Sure, life isn’t always so great but when life gives you cows, pump milk! If you miss the sun just remember that where there is rain there is flowers, where there is positivity and potential there are rewards. I hate to admit it but the song is right, more of us need to “always look on the bright side of life!” Because we never know when it’s all going to be over!

I have made multiple posts on this blog about how we all need to be the person that fulfills their dreams but fulfilling your dreams doesn’t have to be about living in a million dollar mansion surrounded by maids and butlers. Achieving your dreams can simply be to be happy! It is easier to do this than you think, focus on what is good. For example I’m a girl in a society where the so-called “perfect” women on magazines are all photoshopped and people are still surprised if I turn around and say I am good at boxing or wrestling. Why we still live in a society where that happens I do not know but I do look on the bright side.

I may not be like the girls on that front cover but even the models don’t recognise themselves when the magazines are released! Make-up is a beautiful thing ladies and gentlemen, it is a lie! A gorgeous lie which protects women with a mask from the haters who make their lives hell. I may be prejudiced against and sexualised because I am a growing woman with assets larger than others my age but that gives no man the right to touch me nor look at me that way. However, I can’t let this stop me, because that would be negative! Hence why I ask why so serious?

Stop going crazy on these guys who shout out vulgar comments in the streets and check you out, simply look at them shake your booty a little more and walk away in the knowledge that they will never ever be in the same position as you because you are trying to fulfill your dreams by being positive and attempting to be happy.

Guys this goes for you too, don’t let women sexualise you, you’re not objects. For too long us girls have gotten away with being innappropriate with you purely because we are women. That is not a good enough excuse. It’s time for us all to take a stand and just focus on all-round positivity and self-love. Stop being so angry and complaint about everything in your life.

Stop pushing your friends away because they got with a guy you liked.

Stop sitting there saying “it was her fault” when you can prove it was her fault with action.

Stop being so serious. Be happy. We get one life, make it a good one and a happy one my little milklets! 

With love,

Emma xxxx


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