So, my little milklets, I have an exciting new feature to announce to the blog! I know how much all of us sit there day after day with problems that we cannot share with anyone and we often need an anonymous place to post them and get advice on them. Hereby I am announcing the “Milklets Having a Moo” column here on “How To Drink Milk”!

Any time there is a problem you want advice on or just want to make a point it will be posted here once every Sunday evening! I really hope that a lot of you can help get involved in this as it will really spark some great interest hearing everyone’s little secrets… Kidding, I will not be the next Gossip Girl!

By creating this column I want to finally fulfill the purpose of the blog to teach you biscuits how to dunk yourselves into milk successfully without curdling everything up! As well as this though there will be tons of other topics, love, sex, education, embarrassing stories… The list is endless.

So, look out next week my little milklets and there will be the first instalment of “Milklets Having a Moo”! Try not to fall into too many muddy puddles nor get too sunburned this summer or I’ll be forced to include you in the feature!

With love,

Emma xxxx