Exam Survival

Only the fittest will pull rough at the end of the war and hold their medal high saying “I believed and I damn well achieved!”

I want to put together a quick exam survival guid today just for you little milklets so you don’t stress too much through this tough season!

Bath bombs – go to somewhere like lush and treat yourself to some great bath bombs and face masks to relax yourself during the tough times, bubbles make everything better!

Hot drinks – make sure there’s lots of hot chocolates or teas and coffees (I don’t like either of them!) and keep warm! Nothing better than being cosy when trying to revise!

Sleep – sleep, sleep, sleep!!!! I can’t explain how nice it feels when you’re prepared for the day because you’ve had an amazing nights rest.

Stationary – absolute procrastination on my part involved here, but I adore going shopping and finding new matching notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil cases… The lot! Have fun and use plenty of colour on those revision notes!

Revision clothes – find something extremely comfy. I opt for a hoodie and jeans! Proper basic but it helps me think and I’m warm!

Food – definitely eat while revising! Personally I like taste the difference triple chocolate cookies and milk but you can go for something healthy (ew!) like dried fruit or fruit salad!

Music – I simply can’t revise without music! Put together a playlist of tunes that you love or that spur you on and listen to them, try not to spend time flicking through looking for the perfect song (like I do). I personally have an exam motivation song which is B.O.B’s “Magic”!
Hope this helps my little milklets!

With love,

Emma xxxx


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