The cookie crumbles…

First of all my little milklets I want to wish you all a very happy International Best Friend’s Day and that you are enjoying some quality time with your best friend on this day. A massive shout out to mine, Natalie! Love you my darling!

Enjoying a Costa!

Now, onto the serious side of things. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed lately but all of the music coming out seems to be about “fucking bitches” and then “dropping bitches” immediately afterwards. I can assure you now that this isn’t something to be proud of.

Don’t we as a society of people who are constantly battling against the growing number of ‘fuckboys’ want to cap this kind of behaviour instead of promoting it? Love and sex has always been a topic of most popular music which is understandable as they are things in life which affect people deeply and we have all been impacted by them.

However, when I am at home on Facebook and I notice a video of a guy taking the mick out of a girl because he left her after sex and she asked the “so what are we?” question, I am not amused.

It’s become too much of an acceptable thing for young teenage boys to tell a girl that he is interested, he just doesn’t want a relationship or to be committed to anything. Friends with benefits is not a relationship that I look down on but when one of you is wanting more than that then that is where you both need to stop. Boys and girls should not be able to use these new songs to excuse their cheating or make it something to be proud of either!

With the growing use of social networking sites to enter relationships with others and dating apps becoming something a lot more people are getting into, it is easy to pick up multiple potential boyfriends/girlfriends every day. I should know because I’ve unfortunately been there and been hurt by it all! Now, these methods of finding love are not necessarily bad either but I cannot stress to you enough how sex is a main objective of online dating no matter how nice they are.

If you want to meet someone, look outside, get off your phone and look. There are plenty.

I don’t find it acceptable that these songs are now considered ‘good’ or ‘cool’ because they are essentially promoting the old-age “fuck and chuck” method that girls use to suffer from years ago. ‘Biscuits’, if you want to dunk yourself correctly into a ‘milk’ then I suggest you stop crumbling yourself into her best friend too, because no one likes a ‘biscuit’ that’s been dunked into the whole carton…


I am funny!

Good luck to all with exams this season also!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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