Orlando, we love you…

I want this blog to be fun and light-hearted but today I cannot help but feel the need to raise a glass of milk to our friends in Orlando. A gunman entered Pulse nightclub and killed 49 people, wounding 53 others. The gunmen held five hostages in a restroom while he shot down many others inside the club, heartbreaking text messages from the victims have been realeased onto the internet and accounts of the day have been released all over the world from witnesses.

There was once a time a few years ago, which I am ashamed of, that I could justify terrorist acts. Blame it on my democratic nature but I thought that in terms of religion those who kill were just doing what they believed to be right, but as I have grown up and seen the vulgar aftermath that these disgusting pigs leave behind, I look at what I used to think and I laugh.

How could I ever see something so awful as excusable? How can anybody, no matter what your race, culture, religion, beliefs are, be excused for storming into a place of sanctuary for many who are already outcast in their societies and massacre them in cold blood? I do not care if you believe a God has told you to commit this crime, what has been gained? What evil has been destroyed? None. Because there was no evil, these young males did not deserve to die that day.

Many of the text messages included pleads of fear, these young endangered men telling their mothers they loved them and that they needed the police to come. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen in time and distressed parents and friends had to sit in horror in their homes not knowing if their family are safe or not. Heartbreakingly, some victims phones were still being called when the police arrived at the scene, loved ones hoping their friends and family were still alive, unknowing they had been murdered.


The post today is to express my utter disgust at the terrorist who killed these young men. They were part of all of us, the new generation. We fought only recently for gay rights and we won, we got gay marriage to be legal in America and England and now, these vile scum are forcing our triumph back into the ground by harming those who we care about.

I won’t let that happen, none of us should.

We can never get those back who we held close to us, but we can fight for it to never happen again. We do not kill, that is too good for these criminals. We lock them away, stalebread and water like they should be given, make them work hard. Make them feel torture and pain. Starve them, I don’t care. Just do not let them get away with this because who will it be next? Your mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, teacher, boss? No one deserves to die at the hands of a murderer.

My deepest sympathies are sent out to the families and loved ones of the victims of the Orlando shootings and I deeply hope that we as a nation and a population can pull together and stop these low life pigs from ever killing our men again. Rest in peace my darlings, you didn’t deserve this.


With love,

Emma xxxx



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