Back In Business

Hello my little milklets!

As we all know I have been very busy studying and therefore not been keeping up to date with the blog, but I am back in business now after finishing my last exam yesterday! It feels so strange to know that my time as a sixth form student is over, especially after spending the last seven years of my life in that building learning, building friendships, making memories… It does bring a tear to my eye.

I stand by saying that even though I am not yet exposed to university life or having my own family and husband, school is an amazing experience and I reckon they really are the best days of your life. I will miss everyone I have met, even the bullies because they are who have made me stronger!

However, leaving school/college/sixth form poses its own challenges. It is no secret to people who know me that if there was one thing I could dream of right now it would probably be love. But to many others there are other goals, dropping friends who no longer benefit them and finding new people, breaking free of the confines of the culture they are currently living in, pursuing their dreams up in London somewhere… We all want something that right now it is frustrating to know we can’t have.

For me sometimes it can really make me sad, frustrated to know that you push and give your all to something and it just feels like your constantly crawling towards the goal you just manage to grasp a hold of and it all crumbles away in an instant, but this summer, I propose a new plan for us all. Make a summer to do list. This is not a bucket list, but simply a life plan. We all love a good party and a drink, but this is not what you should include, you need to write down the small goals you need to achieve to get to where you want to be. If you aim for the big things in life, the rest will all simply fall into place.

Here’s mine:

  • Succeed in receiving bursary for university
  • Keep updating blog
  • Create official logo for blog
  • Go to the gym and start healthy lifestyle
  • Work more shifts so I can style the way I want to
  • Go to university and join societies
  • Take on opportunity for a work placement
  • Keep writing poetry and stories and combine best works
  • Send them off to potential publishing firms
  • Market blog

My plan is very work focused and that is because my job for the rest of my life is very important to me. The words I write here on my blog are simply thoughts, but the stories I think and create and publish will be raw, honest depictions of my experiences in this world and I want to share them with others. There is nothing worse than being stuck doing something you hate.

Saying this, I promise to you all the blog will be getting more daily doses of dairy and up to date with current affairs. I want you all to pursue your dreams my little milklets, if you don’t you will make the biggest mistake of your life. Make a plan like mine, be successful, be happy.

I’ll see you on the red carpet.


With love,

Emma xxxx


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