It seems pretty obvious to me that after the recent events which have happened such as the Orlando shootings, leaving the EU and even personal things that are happening to all of us such as family members becoming sick or otherwise, that we need to start remembering how to keep the faith.

What makes us British? Other than a lot of whinging and whining about how Freddo’s are ridiculously expensive and not how they used to be, we have strength. We got through WWII with determination and courage.

“KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” is simply one of the most memorable statements that sums us up as a country and makes us remember why we are so strong. Why we always hold on.

I want to stress to all of you milklets out there who are struggling at this time or are not sure where they can go or what they can do that positivity is always the answer. Unless you have the strong belief that something CAN and WILL get better then the likelihood is that it won’t.

Of course this does not mean that we can bring back those who have suffered at the hands of terrorism or cure those who are sick, but sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Hence why I want to share this little joke with you. While at the hospital with my Nan today I stuck my tongue out at her and she said to my mum “Wendy, did you just see her stick her tongue out at me?” Cheekily I said “why are you lying Nan?” And she said “because I’m in bed!” I have never heard a snappier reply to something that I have said that was also extremely funny considering she was lying down.

I know that little things like that where we all share laughter together will make her feel better and keep her strong for when she is released to go home. Similarly, we need to stay chipper, the worst things happen to the best people but those who are lost would not want us to be miserable I promise you! They would want to look down from up above and laugh with you.

So, stay happy and positive dear milklets, I hope you are all well.


With love,

Emma xxxx


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