So are you what the world considers “fat”? Me too. We all are really, we’re not society’s idea of perfection because you’re lumpy and I’m obese and she’s ugly and he hasn’t got a six pack. Want to know what I think of that? I don’t give two flying pigs dressed in tutus that’s what I think!

It is only in the past couple of months that I have learned that dressing yourself lovely does not come from having a small waist with big boobs and a big bum. It comes from learning your body and working out what looks good and what doesn’t. I am going to get really honest with all you little milklets right now to prove what I mean with all of this. My body consists of:

  • Size 18 top and bottom
  • Size 38FF bras
  • Cellulite smothering my legs from the knee caps up to the thigh
  • No thigh gap
  • Raw, red stretch marks on my shoulders, stomach, back, boobs, thighs, and hips (and not little ones either)
  • Size 8 feet
  • Light acne on my face
  • Back fat

Now, some of you may already be feeling sickened at my obviously non-perfect body shape and look. But fuck you! When I was younger I allowed myself to be oppressed by the images that I saw in magazines and to shave my legs at the young age of 10! There was probably not even any hair to shave but I felt so pressured to do it just because that was what all the other girls were doing… I regret it heavily since it was something that has meant that my leg hair has grown back more rapidly as I have got older and I struggle to maintain it as much! I hate that this happened to me and around the same time all my friends were growing height-wise and were getting lovely long legs to wear shorts over and beautiful curves to wear super tight long sleeved shirts which shaped them in front of all the boys.

While trying to maintain my own personal preferences of clothing I wanted to copy these girls and I thought I looked really good up the park in my tight vest tops and shirts because I thought they made my little pot belly look slimmer. Alas they didn’t and I still got called fat which threw me into the desperation of trying to fit in with at least one group of people. I have always got on with boys better than girls and a psychic even told me that, but I ended up what many of you will know as a CHAV (Council House And Violence) and am still teased to this day about my use of the words “innit” and “bruv”. I am no longer this way but it is clear how society is pushing us to want to look a certain way and it is this oppression which has forced me for many years to swelter in the sun whilst everyone else looks great in their shorts and vest tops. Well, not any more I say!


Looking awful in the long sleeved tops that were in fashion, you can see how ill fitted it was and awful I looked by listening to others!

For the first time in my whole life last month I bought a crop top. A crop top you say!? Ew!! Imagine the fat splurging out everywhere! No my darlings, I bought a crop top and yes I wore it to a party in front of the male species and do you no what happened? I got complimented! It was a Hawaiian themed party and I was sick of turning up looking like I was in the middle of winter so I thought “breathe, you can do this!” and I did!


In fashion at New Look now!


Yes, I have stretch marks and yes my belly is round therefore when I was wearing those jeans I did not feel that I looked sexy and in all honesty girls, I believe that we should all be empowered and I would never discourage anyone from doing it in their own way but I don’t believe that you should walk out wearing unflattering clothes that don’t shape you well and do look bad just to prove a point. You need to dress for you. But that does not mean you need to cover yourself up! Now, because I disliked the jeans so much I switched it up for a knee length pencil skirt which was a peplum so the extra fabric covered my belly giving me the appearance of looking slimmer. I also have back fat as aforementioned earlier. To deal with this I made sure that I covered this with the length of the back of the crop top and lifted the skirt higher so that you could not see my back as much but still saw the effect of the crop top. Ladies, stylisation is everything. Style right to your body shape and you can wear whatever you want!

Yesterday I wrote a cheeky post on how to smuggle drinks into any festivals that you’re headed for (which you should check out if you haven’t already!) and today I want to do more festival stuff but today I want to aim this at you larger ladies! As I have been so lengthily explaining, I believe that anyone should be able to wear what they want as long as they style correctly, and this is the same for festivals! I have spent years not wearing shorts and skirts in the summer for fear of someone judging my cellulite, but today I went shopping and I bought two new pairs of shorts and a playsuit the other day! Ladies, we can look good in shorts I promise!


Get the look: H&M shorts for £7.99!

Ignore the cut on my leg, some of us love to butcher ourselves when shaving! And also ignore my messy room! However, these are a pair of shorts I bought from H&M today which I was most unsure over because I have never really purchased anything this short before, but I want to show them to you because as a larger girl I want to stress to you how much patterns can be your best friend! Patterns can distract people from looking at the creases in your clothes where your lumps and bumps sit so remember that tip!

As aforementioned, I also recently bought a playsuit from Simply Be. I understand it can be difficult as someone who is plus size to find clothing in regular popular high street stores which fit you (heck, Victoria’s Secret and Topshop don’t even stock my size!) so I want to recommend if you are size 18 and over that you check out some stores like Simply Be, Yours, Choice, Wallis and Torrid! There are plenty more online if you go searching too! The playsuit is filtered with tons of patterns and in all honesty I’m not even sure if I like it but it shapes me well and will look really good at the festival this weekend so sometimes we just have to take a punt on things my darlings!

I hope that I have been able to give some of you plus size girls and even more self-conscious girls some tips today on how to survive that festival season! If any of you try out some of my tips I would love to hear from you so please get involved!

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Enjoy your festivals my little milklets!




With love,

Emma xxxx