Fabulous Festivals!

I am back my darling milklets from the lovely Brownstock festival! It was lovely to see a few of you guys there who told me how often you read the blog and how much you love it. Seeing the things I write really influence people is such a rewarding thing for me so thank you for that! I hope you all had a good time!

The weekend was such a blast filled with music and laughter from everything! Tinie Tempah was amazing live and his set really inspired me since he is someone I have been a big fan of for years. I even remember buying his biography when it was released! I cried after his performance, I loathe fan girls with a passion but we all sang Written In The Stars acapella and it was beautiful. It reminded me how thankful I was to have this blog up and running to share and post with you guys and how many lovely people there are out there like you!

Straight after the Brownstock paint fight!


Since this was my first overnight festival, it is safe to say that I have ended up having to use this trip as a learning curve for myself! I have discovered that I love my luxuries just a little too much and therefore if I go again may have to do a spot of glamping! What can I say? Even after being a Scout for over 12 years this is still a problem…

Anyhow, the post today is to share with you my experience at Brownstock festival and share with you all a few tips and tricks for when you all decide to go!

Now, packing. We all think we need to take tons with us and yes, there is a fair amount. But apart from the essentials that are always listed on the websites, we still seem to think we’re going to starve while we’re there so we take hoards of food and very rarely do we need any of it! I took a large shopping bag full of tinned foods and crisps (which to be fair were only there to hide my alcohol) and I ended up not even fancying eating them because there was no varied choice and I bought all my food from the trucks there!

In my opinion I would always buy my food from now on instead of taking it with me because it is just less hassle. Also, when I made my alcohol smuggling post, it worked! I got in a bottle of wine, a bottle of cider, a bottle of vodka, a can of Pimm’s, a can of Jack Daniels and a can of vodka, lime, and soda plus a little bottle of Jack Daniels which I hid in my wash bag! So, please check out my tips next time you go away because they barely check your bags at all really!

With your packing you also have to think about clothes! I made the stupid mistake of not remembering to take any jeans with me and eneded up with shorts all weekend! Of course during the day it was lovely and sunny but at night it was bloody freezing! So please, remember to take some trousers of some sort or even some trackies!

Having some Jack and Coke with my girl Isabelle.

A bonus of going to a festival like Brownstock was the fact that it is small and therefore it was not difficult to see the acts and we did not have to go far. Also, because there weren’t many people there we did not get shoved to the back of the crowd and we could see so well! Tinie Tempah was definitely considered the best act of the weekend but even throwing Scouting For Girls into the mix was awesome!

If you haven’t been to a festival I would recommend going to one, just be careful who you go with! We had a blast as we were all close friends who had been reunited for the first time properly since leaving school but there were groups there who were less than inviting. In the first 24 hours of our festival three people died from drug consumption and this number only grew as the weekend went on. I would not try and give anybody the “hugs not drugs” talk but seriously, take this as a massive warning, do not take drugs at all unless you 100% know what is in them, better yet, not at all!

I saw many people on drugs that weekend and it is not surprising since it so easy to get hold of them! I cannot deny that it is tempting when it is so easy to just not care and do it! Heck, I was in the middle of Tinie Tempah’s set raving to Frisky when a bloke grumbled “pills?” under his breath to which I said “no, move!” because he was in my way! But it is not surprising that so many people take drugs when they are that accessible! I urge you to download a drugs awareness app before you leave just to be on the safe side so that if you are unable or do not want to sttend medical straight away, you have an idea of how to deal with the situation you’re in. DanceSafe is a good one to consider, I used it at the festival when there arose an MDMA risk in my camp.

Festivals are a great laugh but they are also dangerous if you are not careful. I make many posts on awareness with boys and festivals are a hunting ground for fresh meat with girls being used for sex and left. Please girls, protect yourselves and lads, please take condoms with you and don’t risk an unwanted pregnancy if you are looking for a sexually active weekend!

Not only should you think about the risks of festivals though, you should think about the opportunities! I and a friend of mine have a large fear of heights and there was a ride at Brownstock called Oxygen which was about over sixty feet high and we both boarded, held hands, and screamed our way around the whole thing until we were suspended at the top for more than two minutes while the bottom people got off. No lie, I sat there for that whole two minutes staring at the floor that whole mile beneath me planning how much it was going to hurt when I fell out and died! Fortunately I didn’t and lived to tell this tale today but we got off and collapsed on the floor with joy actually conquering our fear and enjoying it too! So please, try and overcome something at a festival! It helps!

Smiling after conquering the Oxygen ride!


If I go to a festival again I will probably sleep alone too since I realised I cannot cope sleeping with large groups but seriously the time was so fun and the paint party that we all had the day before we left was awesome! If you’re in the Essex area I would strongly recommend you going to the festival! I should be there next year so come and say hello and you might feature here!

Now, before I leave here are my list of festival tips to consider and items to bring:

  • Tickets!
  • Camping chair (because trust me there is no grass left after all the beer cans are opened!)
  • Toilet roll (If you’re not lucky to have purchased a Loowatt like me!)
  • Camping stove (buying dinner is expensive!)
  • Plenty of clothing options including jumpers, and hoodies!
  • Money
  • Get to know the music you’re going to see before you go, I made a public Spotify playlist before Brownstock so we as a group could get into the vibes before we left!
  • Camping bed (It killed my back lying on that floor!)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow (I forgot mine!)
  • Earplugs! (just because you want to sleep it does not mean that your mates directly outside your tent are done partying!)
  • Varied food options (not just biscuits and dry foods!)
  • Mixers (you get a massive craving for juice and water after alcohol for three days straight, trust me!)
  • Suncream (so many people end up peeling otherwise!)
  • Mini first aid (you will get blisters and cuts!)
  • Ibuprofen (paracetomol will do too, but we all know why you will need these…)
Brownstock squad at the BSTK sign!


I hope you all really enjoyed the festival if you went and I hope to see you next year! If there is anything you feel I have left out or would like to share in the comments below then please do! Good luck at any festivals you have planned for the rest of the year!



With love,

Emma xxxx


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