So after being a very lazy person for the past few weeks I finally pushed myself back into the gym and got at it on that cross trainer of mine! No lie, I am feeling most weight conscious at this time and therefore I want to start some healthy dieting. However, I don’t think dieting should involve just eating lettuce, so, please look out for my diet plans later this week 😊

A little while someone got in touch with me asking to do a little piece on respect in gyms and it is something that has stuck with me due to the nature of the problem. I was told that this woman’s granddaughter had gone to the gym and had experienced men taking photos of her as she was working out. Not only is this uncomfortable for the girl, but no one should be made to feel unsafe in a place which already causes a lot of distress for some who struggle with working out.

Unfortunately – despite my views on this – it is not actually illegal to take photos of members of the public and therefore these men cannot be accused of doing anything wrong unless the photos were deemed to be clearly obscene. The reason this story is so horrific to me is because I have been walking down the road before and had a man secretly take photos of me which I have caught them out for and they have hidden. It’s disgusting and in my opinion should become illegal to do so unless there is a required distance between the subject and the camera.

Girls, if you ever feel uncomfortable please let the owners of the gym know and they are always so helpful they would be happy to assist you. In my gym there is a women’s only section so if you feel uncomfortable opt for that!

I want to urge you all to become a better you this summer. This does not mean doing yoga every day and starving yourself for some worthless guy at your school/college/university. This means picking up that book you keep meaning to read, finishing that story you were gig to write, filming that project you’ve been planning for months, applying for that job you’ve been so desperately wanting to…

Do something that will make you happy.

My plan is to take a one month course at home in book writing so I can finally pick up where I left off with some of my A2 Creative Writing work which I was quite proud of. In doing this I hope to produce a final piece I can type up and send off to a publisher. If you don’t try you’ll never know!

Please let me know what it is you’re doing this summer to make a better you! All my love my little milklets!
With love,

Emma xxxx

P.S. Look at this cute lady bird that wouldn’t leave me alone at the bus stop today!

“I will call you Fredrich and you will be mine…”