A long time ago now, I promised that I would begin to share some of my original works with you guys here on the blog, however, I have struggled to find the time with sixth form and the summer being so packed!

Now I have managed to find some time, it seems only right that I finally share with you a poem that I wrote this year. The poem is called Lace For Liquorice, it is a piece about lust and how it can easily destroy love. Enjoy milklets!

Lace For Liquorice

His mouth pressed into a thin line,

Straight through me his piercing black eyes stared,

He reassured me everything would be just fine,

Never before had I been so scared.


A grimacing look but accompanied by allure,

The whisky and smoke stained room was filled with tension,

I was dressed up all for him, the latest fashion in lace couture,

He promised black lies no innocent mouth could mention.


He was sticky just like liquorice,

His God like hands controlling the pure creature beneath him,

The silk sheets were splattered with filth as the night became feverish,

The love she wanted didn’t appear, the shining sun grew dim.


Crumbled like a handkerchief thrown from his pocket she lay down,

Trickling to the floor her golden hair shivered in the breeze,

Still beautiful she belonged to him in that crushed velvet gown,

Dripping in red she poured out for him, his own personal tease.


Arranging the lapel of his tailored suit,

He leaves for a moment to fly off into the neon night,

All she can contemplate is her violation from a brute,

As she lay there slung on the chaise long and blinded herself to his cheated sight.


Text copyright © 2016 by Emma Reynolds


Feel free to share some of your own works below my mini milks and let me know what you thought of the piece! Keep following and have a great rest of your day!


With love,

Emma xxxx