Your milky self…

I am so sorry that I have not posted for a little while my little milkets! I have been some what busy with some other affairs.

In recent years, what I have noticed is that a lot of us are coming to terms with our sexuality and that it varies so much nowadays. Personally, I don’t understand how anybody can be homophobic or disagree with a certain sexuality because at the end of the day, love is love. I have never seen somebody telling a short person and a tall person that they cannot be together because they have different heights, or that they can’t because one is slim and the other thick, therefore why does it make a difference if one of them is gay and the other bisexual? Love is all around as the movie Love Actually taught us, so what is the issue?

With gay marriage becoming legal so recently, we have also noticed a rise in other sexualities and gender dysphoria becoming apparent such as transgender and pansexual, I never realised there were quite so many different sexualities out there. Either way, I do not believe that anybody should be prejudiced against or treated differently because of what they choose to look like or who they want to love. In my opinion, as long as you are doing no harm to anybody else then what is the problem?

I wanted to discuss this topic today because I have seen a great number of people reveal their true selves in the bodies that they believe they were born to be in and I want to do a huge shout out to those people. I really believe that you are among the strongest in our society today, you are the future! Who knows? When the next generation comes along there will be a rainbow of different religions and lifestyles and that will be so exciting. Never let anybody bring you down about who you want to be, because at the end of the day, if you are straight and homophobic, then how would you like it if you were beaten and prejudiced for loving someone of the opposite gender? You wouldn’t. So stop hating.

I am a person who will never understand the hate generated by terrorists and party poopers in this world and especially when it comes to something as big as revealing who you truly are. My heart goes out to all of you on this day and the next, keep that chin up and know that you are loved, no matter how small a community you may be a part of, people admire you and people care about you.

You’re amazing!


With love,

Emma xxxx




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