Hey guys! As promised I am going to do a post today on the Ten Types of Girls on Every Night Out. I hope you find them funny and can resignate with which one you are!

  1. The REALLY Drunk Girl – This girl is falling all over the place, stroking your hair and struggling to even get one straight sentence out without being sick all over the place! Often found on the floor passed out at the end of the night, we all need to watch out for this one!
  2. Freebie Finder – This is the food muncher! If you have some leftover crisps in your cupboard then she is on it, last night’s leftovers? She’ll have them. A fishbowl is in the making, hand this girl a straw!
  3. Serial Sexer – This girl has lost track of how many people she has kissed that night and you are most likely going to lose her to some bloke in a club at the end of the night. If this is a girl’s night out, keep her away from the lads!
  4. The Sober One – “Sorry, I don’t drink.” She has not drunk, nor will she ever drink a thing. She has work the next day and she always has to keep up with her fitness regime so alcohol is just not going to be beneficial to her. Please, no alcohol for this one, thank you.
  5. The Shipwreck – Her ex boyfriend that she has been out with over ten times has just showed up with his boys and she is distressed about it and the water works are on. Someone get this girl another shot of vodka and a cuddly bear because we are all in for some screaming and crying tonight!
  6. The Wreck-Mender – This is the mother of every friendship group. The Shipwreck’s ex shows up? She’s at the door and telling him to go home and not to come back before going into full army mode and turning the whole party into an enemy operation to make her girl feel good again. “I’m gonna need two shots of vodka, a jacket, a cigarette and all the girls in the bedroom pronto!”
  7. Toilet Tits – For some reason this girl has not left the bathroom all night… If you need someone to go to the toilet with you, you needn’t ask anybody because she’s already there! She’s been sick twice and is still on the big bottle of Smirnoff, be careful with this little bundle of fun!
  8. Selfie Siren – This girl has her phone out all night and we all rely on her the next day to have taken the best photos! She snaps a photo of everything and anything and is bound to post it on Facebook the next day so that you can have a mental breakdown and stress out because your mum saw what you did with Geoffrey from up the road…
  9. Boy Magnet – She is the girl of all the lad’s dreams and they would all love to get with her! She dresses perfectly and has the most desirable style and personality there, all the girl’s are jealous of her, yet she is oblivious and just keeps being her regular sexy self on the dancefloor! We all want to be this one…
  10. Dancing Queen – She has all the latest dance trends down. She can twerk, nay-nay, grind, slut-drop, she’s on it! All girls are trying to learn from her but they all know no one can pop their booty like that! Guys are mesmerised by this one, yet she is in a world of her own!

I hope you all found that you were one of these girls today and that you spot some others the next time you’re out at a party or night out!


With love,

Emma xxxx