Hello my darlings! I am so, so sorry that I have not been able to make a blog post for a while but I have been working on a few personal projects of my own! These projects are what have led me to have the inspiration to reach out to you guys today!

I have been using a book lately to get my creative juices flowing for my next book project, if any of you are interested in writing and would like to check this out it is called READY, SET, NOVEL! and it was written by Chris Baty, Lindsey Grant and Tavia Stewart-Streit. The reason I have mentioned this to you all today is because I have thinking a lot about myself lately, the things that I’m not happy with, the things that I would rather change, the things that I like…

Because of this I am launching SI & BP Week here on How To Drink Milk. SI stands for Self Improvement and BP stands for Body Positivity. Each day there will be a new topic that I will cover about loving yourself and making yourself a little better and hopefully happier in the process!

The way that I am going to kick this off today is by sharing some alternative healthy eating ideas with you. Now, below the things that I am listing are all easy to gain recipes for so please do not be afraid to check them out! The Domestic Geek on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/thedomesticgeek1) is still one of my favourite cooks and she has some really helpful and fun ways of eating healthy that you may not have even heard of before!

  • Salad In A Jar – The fun that you can have with this easy lunch-on-the-go style deal is endless! Simply take a regular Mason Jar or Kilner and choose cherry tomatoes, mustard, lettuce, boiled eggs to fill it up and take it out with you. Do not be afraid to mix together a few new flavours and really enjoy your lunch!
  • Mix + Match! – Buy packs of regular foods such as crisps and biscuits if you need a treat for during the day (because a daily sugar intake is important too!) but don’t consume all the digestives in one go! Make sure that you mix and match so you have a balanced diet, for example have chocolate chunks with your banana and strawberry fruit pot, or a biscuit in your granola. Make it work for you!
  • Foreign Food – Just because you’re watching your weight it does not mean that you are restricted to just eating salads. If you look at a lot of different cultures and eating preferences, you will notice that some offer some very healthy alternatives to our British battered cod and deep fried chips! Take for example vegetarianism, falafels are very healthy munches that many people enjoy and they’re healthy! Give them a go!

I’m sure there are a great many other ideas out there but please keep up to date with the blog and share it with your friends! I hope you all take part in the body positivity week and that I can help you all to feel a lot happier this week, and for many more to come!


With love,

Emma xxxx