When I began this blog I intended for it to be an outlet for me to be myself, share my thoughts, have a laugh along the way and inspire many of you. It seems that I have recently allowed myself to be shaped into a box which I thought was helping others and making them want to read more of my content, this is not true.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my viewings are going down and that people clearly are becoming disinterested in what I write, I am somewhat happy about this since it has given me the kick up the arse that I need! I am aware that I have been striving for success in an unhealthy way and have been writing to please others as opposed to pleasing myself and I do not want to do this anymore.

I have found myself perched in my living room snuggled up on the sofa with my carton of mango juice contemplating the fact that I only have five weeks before I start university. That is five weeks left of living in Essex, five weeks of still being able to see my family and friends on a regular basis, and five weeks to be able to fit my last few memories into such a small space of time.

My reason for sharing this with you today my little milklets is that I want to rediscover the blog once again and write about what I intended to before. I want to help you all with your relationship troubles and body confidence issues and just share with you my time at university and how I coped with it on an honest level. I no longer want to divulge rubbish to you all, but instead simply write for me and not for anybody else.

Being able to share my life with the world makes me feel less alone and like people can relate to me without me having to pretend to be anybody else. I apologise for not writing any posts for the past week and for not being true to myself in the ways that I have persuaded you all to be in the past.

Here’s raising a glass to new beginnings. I hope you are all well.


With love,

Emma xxxx


P.S. I managed to enter the unisex area of my local gym today for the first time, and it was not nearly as bad as I thought! I encourage you all to leave your comfort zone at least once this week, impress and surprise yourself!