In my life it is clear that I am currently going through a great magnitude of changes. In the next five weeks I’ll be moving to university and will have to start being a fully fledged adult, paying bills and what not. At this time it has also become clear to me what I need to alter in my life in order to prepare for this big move…

When I was younger I had massive attachment issues. For example, if someone suggested that we threw out a sweet wrapper because all the sweets were gone I would cry and cry until they allowed me to keep it purely because I believed that this was the only thing that I had to be able to remember all the good times in my life. However, this week all that has changed.

I looked at my messy room with soft toys overflowing the bags and rubbish all over the place and I thought to myself “I don’t need all of this.” I don’t know why this has clicked in me, and it is almost scary, but it is making me realise what life should be like. No materialistic thing should force you to stay in one place nor should it be your absolute reason for living. In this case, I will never cry again about not being able to keep a wrapper because I know that every memory I need is stored in my mind. Due to this, I have a new outlook on cleaning out what I do not need.

I want to get to a point where I could lose my home and everything and only need what I have on my body. No material thing will ever hold me down, only will I ever need friends and family… But now, even that is changing. Over the recent months it has become clear to me which friends are worth keeping and whom are too involved in themselves for me to keep, but I have learned that this is okay. We seem to believe that losing people is the end of the world, but as a Pantheist, I believe that this is what is meant to happen. If the person who leaves was any good for you or was going to serve a significant purpose in your life then they would stay, but if they leave, then this simply was not the case.

Do not be afraid to move on and let go and be safe in the knowledge that the world is working in the background to give you what you need to keep moving forward. I do not know if all of you believe but I quite like taking comfort in healing and psychic readings. One thing which a special friend introduced to me was Angel Oracle Cards. These cards allow you to call out your troubles and allow them to be heard, when you ask for the cards which represent what you most need in this life to be revealed then they will and you will be given an answer. Granted, these are not always what you want to hear, but they are most of the time accurate.

If you yourself believe in angel readings and are interested in that side of things then do look at Doreen Virtue and follow her Instagram where she does daily card readings which apply to everyone and often do convey a true message. A lot of the time (even if many people are cynical about it) these card readings can allow you to feel at ease and safer in the direction you are moving. Seeing a psychic is also a very exciting experience and one I would recommend you try before you slate it.

Whether you believe or not, we all have a third eye, something some of us are more in touch with than others. Personally, I feel mine can be quite accurate and only blinded when I feel strong infatuate or lustful emotions towards someone. This third eye is one of the many reasons change is so very dominant in my life at the moment and I feel that I need to move on from some people since they are creating unhealthy inflictions on my life that are preventing me from moving forward.

We always need to remember that a positive outlook will bring about a positive result, no happy person was ever brought down by negativity even when it was at it’s worst because they always saw the bright side.

This is why I want to share with you, whether you are moving to university this September or getting a new job or travelling, make sure that what you leave behind is not what is dragging you back but what is pushing you forward, because you don’t ever want to be brought down by the thing which once uplifted you.

All my love my little milkets!


With love,

Emma xxxx


P.S. If anyone has any concerns about university I would love to hear them and I would love to give some help on any issue anyone has! Please get involved and don’t be afraid to get in touch on the Contact Page!


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