Yes, everyone, you may now PANIC! Tomorrow is the day we all find out whether we’ve secured that all important University place or apprenticeship post! A LEVEL RESULTS DAY. Whatever the outcome you receive I want you all to remember that there is always another way to achieving the dream that you are striving for and that exam results do not define who you are nor what you are capable of.

It is clear to say that this week there are certainly a lot of new beginnings occurring both in my personal life and all around me. New relationships seem to be blossoming and moving away for a lot of us is going to be an exciting and freeing challenge which we have not experienced before! It will be hard no doubt, but remember this is just one step forward on a journey of magnitudinal proportions that could lead anywhere and will mould you into being the person you have always dreamed of.

One big milky good luck to you all!


With love,

Emma xxxx