Hello my little milklets!

So, yesterday was A Level Results Day and I am so proud to be able to say that I have been accepted in Bournemouth University to study Scriptwriting for Film & Television!


After a stressful morning biting my nails and waiting for UCAS Track to open I stared at the loading icon desperately to be greeted by the above notice. I am so happy to have worked as hard as I did and to have pulled through some of the events which have happened and still do so well.

It was a hard day too since I couldn’t celebrate with one of the men I really wish I could have; my dad. This is not a pity party but I think he would be proud too to see me living out my dreams and fulfilling my dreams.

I know so many of you also did really well so a massive well done to you all! I was gutted because I was not able to go out with my friends since I am STILL NOT 18 however I know that I am going to go out today and celebrate with a couple of drinks.

I want all of you who maybe did not do quite so well to hang in there and remember that this is not the end for you. There is ALWAYS another way to achieve your dreams if you work hard enough. You don’t even need the top grades, Lord knows I don’t! But I worked hard enough, and that’s what counts.

I am so very proud of you all my little milklets and I can’t wait to see you all standing on the red carpet with me when we reach fame!

With love,

Emma xxxx


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