As much as it is clear that in this world there are real-life Liam Hemsworth types who are not just after sex and do want something real, it is easy to see that there are still a lot of young ‘lads’ who still think its attractive and appealing to us girls when we are treated like a piece of candy or a game that you can pick up, complete, and then throw away or sell onto your mate for the price of a beer.

I am a keen watcher of trash TV just like Ex On The Beach and Geordie Shore, however, when I am sitting there in my living room snacking on cake and biscuits and I am watching these girls prance onto the beach in nothing more than a skimpy two-piece that barely covers their bum or boobs, it makes me wonder whether the show is actually about the fear of your ex showing up, or whether it is more about giving lots and lots of unnecessary eye candy to the viewers at home so they can have a cheeky feel downstairs and then go to sleep.

Nudity has been used for marketing and commercial use for years and this is nothing new therefore I cannot complain about this as we all know that if we can use our bodies visually to get something then we will. Whether you admit to it or not, we all know that if you are out on the lash with your girls and the bartender looks over and you just push your boobs up that little bit more to get his attention, you will do it. However, there is a difference between being cheeky for your own benefit and then absolutely using someone for your pleasure. Boys, I am not saying that all of you do this nor that you all would do it, but there are still a fair amount of you out there who treat girls like they are nothing more than your Sunday lunch.

The national average dress size for a woman is a size 16, however, when I asked a friend of mine if he would ever go for a woman of this size (bearing in mind I was a size 18) he said no and that “fat” was not for him. I was astonished by this, offended, and just a little disheartened. No wonder there are girls out there shoving their fingers down their throats just to bring up that celery stick they ate earlier. Do you boys really believe that the girls on these TV shows like Ex On The Beach look like that naturally? No. They are spending every hour their manager allows them in the gym to compete with the other girls on the show so they know that they can be accepted just enough by you boys to feel pretty. Do you boys really believe that these girls are as much up for sex in Maga as you are? Probably not, but they will do anything it takes just to feel like they are loved for a night!

Whilst reading through an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine today I was told about how British girls are going to Maga and similar to sell their bodies and be “shot girls” to earn money to live out there. Most are drunk and have not had a sober night in years, are giving lap dances to their bosses for the extra cash and on one night of every year can be whisked off to a strangers’ apartment as long as the gentlemen gives €300 to the bar first. The girls that do this will then be shunned by their communities back home and often have “private” videos of themselves doing sexual favours shared on social media to prove them to be “sluts” and “slags” as I have heard one too many times. But there are other sides to these stories, mouths that are being fed due to the risks these women take. It is so easy to sit back and say that someone is a “whore” for doing what they do, but when you are drunk out of your mind and a handsome looking guy offers you a job in exchange for just a few small kisses, then just a little oral stimulation… How will you know when to stop?

This applies to modern dating and relationships. So many girls my age are judged for their relationship choices and actions and I have to admit that in the past I have been the one to do the judging! But as I have grown, this has changed. I think it is so wrong to call any girl a “slut”. Okay, she slept with six people in one week, so what? She caught chlamydia because she had a one night stand, so what? Could these things not have so easily happened to you should you have a high enough sex drive or craving to be sexually involved with someone?

Boys are whom I see are quicker to judge than most when a girl has been with more than a couple of guys, however most music out there is supporting promiscuous activity and urging girls to be more forthcoming when it comes to sexual activity is it not? How can we girls be expected to appear virtuous and good when we are being told left, right, and centre that guys would prefer us if our asses were hanging out just a little bit more or we would just stop playing quite so hard to get.

I know one too many girls trying to impress you guys who are being hurt every day because they do more than you could ever ask for and give you the perfect girlfriend material which you turn around and throw back in their faces because you are too much of a coward to tell them that the real reason you don’t want to be with them is not because you aren’t interested, but because you never were and the second you realised that girl was after more than just a cheap fuck you wanted out. Well, I have something to say.

Do not date a girl if you are not planning on being with her, unless there is some crystal clear understanding between the two of you that the relationship is nothing more than just sex. Do not compliment a girl unless you mean what you say, she will sit at home and think to herself “he thinks I’m beautiful” and never ever forget that moment because it is all she had ever dreamed of hearing and what she thought she would never hear. Do not tell a girl you plan on meeting unless you absolutely mean it, too many times have I been promised this from cowards and knobs who turn round in the end and just say “haha maybe soon” when I ask “when are we meeting?”. Honestly ladies, this just means they’re bored of you and aren’t planning on seeing you at all. This is what cowards do because you are a frightening, strong and special woman who he is not capable of loving let alone being man enough to stand face to face with and actually come to terms with the reality of what they’re dealing with. Mainly because they’re not enough for you. Lastly, do not tell a girl you love her unless you plan on staying. This girl will dream about you and the things that you could do together and the way your arms would feel as they were wrapped around her waist as you shared your bed together.

Basically, don’t be a coward. Boys have a show that they put on (and once again, I must stress this is not all men) to protect themselves but deep down most are just not ready to take on a mature relationship and therefore act stupidly incompetent when it comes to actually initiating contact or a relationship with a woman. Please ladies, don’t get caught up in the trap of waiting for a guy whom just isn’t going to call back or text you, he’s not worth your time nor effort and is probably sexting another girl as you speak.

Time, abundance and divinity will bring the man you need into view. Believe me, I know this to be true from experience.


With love,

Emma xxxx