So gang I am finally 18! No more underage drinking or poncing off others to buy my alcohol for me when I go out! A massive shout out goes out there to all of you who made my day special and got me such gorgeous gifts! 

Not only did I buy my first legal drink near midnight but I went clubbing and such for the first time! Hereby, I thought I might share some of my newfound wisdom with you all about going out and what is in store for you!

Now, even though in movies all the girls go out in heels and impossibly small dresses, this is not necessary for you to do! Looking good is always a bonus, but at the end of the day it’s only going to help you pull (which is fine if that’s what you want!) but is not going to help you feel at your most comfortable! On my first night out I wore a black sparkly dress and some converse! Had the most free-moving best night and still looked good doing it!

MONEY. I thought everybody was over exaggerating when they told me that going clubbing and such costs a lot. Well, it certainly does! Once you pay for entry and one drink at the bar you’re already about £15 lighter than when you went in! Of course many places do have nights where there are deals like £1.50 drinks and free entry but never ever go out without the extra cash, if you can’t afford the taxi darling, you’re walking! 

Blokes… Now, lads are sleezy buggers sometimes when they’re drunk and if you’re minding your own business they are likely to come and try to get in on that action so just watch where their hands are moving ladies and what they’re planning okay?!

Clubbing is great but I have to tell you there will be some bad nights! I went out on my birthday and the big luminosity night was not what I wanted it to be at all and I ended up spending £6.00 just to leave within the half hour! Bigger groups are much better than small ones too so try and go out like that if you can! 

One final piece of advice is pre drinking! I never understood the point of it until I went clubbing, drinks are so, so expensive and if you have a Wetherspoons near you; their pitchers are like £6.90 each and you will get much more bang for you buck drinking there if you get what I mean!

My birthday was fab and I hope all of you out there who are also going to be turning 18 soon have a good time too! 
With love,

Emma xxxx