Mama Milk Moves!

Hello gang!

I am so sorry that I have not written in a while but I have been preparing for my first ever big move to Bournemouth to go to university! Since beginning my preparations to go I have found that I have been increasingly less excited about the move but in fact terrified! It is crazy to think that in just under a week and a half I will be leaving my cozy little coffee-coloured room in Westcliff-on-Sea to go all the way to a blank canvas of a room in Bournemouth.

As much as I am extremely excited to go and make new friends and expand my knowledge on scriptwriting (the course I am studying), I am also going to miss the place where I am from so very much. Due to this I thought I might share my emotions with some of you other uni-goers and give you some tips on how not to miss home even though you might be going very far away.

  • Slideshows  – I downloaded a couple of different apps such as Smilebox and Animoto which means that I can put together collections of photographs from different moments from my time in my hometown and add music and whatever to review old memories etc.
  • Memory Box – This is my most favourite way to remember the times that I will miss so much while I am away. You can fill a memory box with photographs, important event tickets, wristbands, certificates and trophies, cards from important birthdays, letters and school ties etc.
  • Pin Board – Most uni rooms will supply you with a pin board, on here don’t forget to pin up a picture of a map of your country and then circle where you are from just so you can be reminded every time you wake up of where you’re from. Pictures are also going to be lovely to put up to remind you of home, like a picture of your family and close friends to comfort you. You could dangle fairy lights around this pin board to make it feel a little more homely too which should comfort you during those times that are bringing you down!
  • Memory Jar – If you do not have enough room for a large box then you could always take a nice jar and decorate it so that every time you get in from a day out at the movies or a weekend away at a festival then you have the easy option of just popping your tickets or wristbands straight in the pot and can pick it up and mooch through it any time you want! (these can also make great gifts from friends!)
  • Photographs – Photos are an absolute must if you know that you are prone to homesickness! If you grab some white tac and stick it on your uni wall and stick some string to it then you can purchase some mini pegs and display your photos in any way you choose like that, possibly with some fairy lights on the string too to illuminate your favourite memories so you can gaze at them even when you are drifting to sleep at night.

I hope that if any of you do use these tips then you will post pictures in the comments below!

Just before I leave you all I would like to emphasise how great of a new start this is going to be for all of us. There will be no more trying to be someone that we are not because we can finally start over and be ourselves and there will be no more trying to impress anybody as at university if you do not get on, you will more than likely be able to brush it off and forget it.

One thing I stress to you all however is really to not fit yourself into a box. For years people have sat there thinking, I love to listen to Bring Me The Horizon yet pink is my favourite colour, so am I an emo or am I girly? But ladies and gentlemen, this does not matter! You do not need a label! Just because you listen to The 1975 and have their limited edition clear vinyl it does not mean that you need to be inspirational and start being deep and emotional to convey some kind of meaningful perspective on the world that you do not actually hold. When you go to university, be yourself. God knows that I am!

If they can’t take me with warts and all then they needn’t take me at all. I know where I am headed and I know how far I have left to go.

Good luck to those of you who are moving in and are still yet to move in!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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