So today I have been angered and am feeling pretty sick to be honest. I know I have frequently wrote here on How To Drink Milk about the disrespect of women on TV and such, however, I have been sat here all morning with my bowl of Krave watching Ex On The Beach as I always do, and I just feel disgusted.

We are women. I am not going to give you all some feminist speech about how to appreciate us and all that, however, I am sick of watching shows where guys literally look at girls like they are meat. From the age of 13 I have been going to house parties where there is alcohol involved and lads around everywhere. At this same age lads as old as 21 have been dancing with me and touching me and sure, I could have stopped them, but why would I? A young, naïve girl who gets given attention that she craves is going to accept that. But as we get older, we only become more developed and more enticing to lads and therefore when they give us a bunch of gibberish about how we’re different to all those other girls and we’re beautiful and they love us, we’re going to believe them.

Lads, we girls do not like to be played. We often fall a lot quicker than you think we do and even if we do give you a sexual favour on the first date or we sleep with you on the first night, it does not mean that we are just easy girls who want nothing more than a quick fuck. We are human beings with feelings and we do not need to be mucked about like we’re pawns in your little games. This does not mean to say that all guys are the same and will treat us this way, however, it does not hold much faith for us girls when you do not text us back, when you only show interest if we are flashing our boobs on camera for you, when you promise to meet us but keep using work as an excuse, and when you will compliment pictures of our girlfriends more than us because they’re “cute”.

The boys (I emphasise the term “boys”) who I am discussing above are your typical lads who you can bump into in a club and grind on before getting off with them and going back to their place for the night. Whereas, it is the guys who us girls actually fall for which hurt us the most. For example, when watching Ex On The Beach, one of the girls gave one of the lads (who she felt she had a connection with) a blow job and he said that he really fancied her. However, the second another pretty young thing sauntered into the villa and he was asked which girl he would choose, he said “he couldn’t pick” which destroyed the girl who sexually pleased him’s emotions.

Many people will watch that and say that she is stupid for doing what she did and that she should have known better than to give him a blow job on television and then not expect him to leave her afterwards. But if that is what you think then you have no logic and you clearly have never felt a connection with someone that has been destroyed simply because they are in the wrong. A girl may sexually please a man because she is “horny” in herself but she also might actually have feelings towards him. Some people believe in “Love at first sight” and could want to show their love physically towards a certain as opposed to emotionally for a while. This should be an honour to the person that is receiving such pleasures and something which should, under no circumstances, be taken for granted because most lads are silly little boys who can’t appreciate a good thing when they’ve got it.

Lads, if you have a good girl on your side who cares for you, texts you when you are down, pesters to meet you because she finds you funny and interesting, and smiles when your name pops up on her phone, then fucking keep her would you? We may have strong, thick skin that can deal with a lot, but we have a heart and it can get fucking broken if you decide that we are nothing more than something you can pick up when you want to get your end away and drop again.

My point today is just to ask you all to look at what you are doing to those that are around you and to be more careful of that girl that you pick up in the club or to show concern for the chick that is hurting in the corner over her ex who dumped her. If you see this, don’t lean in to kiss her out of pity, shake her hand and tell her she is a strong woman who deserves more and for one moment do not think about how if you save these things you might get your dick sucked. Just find comfort in knowing that you have saved her years of regret and depression because she thought you loved her (like you said you did) and you didn’t.


With love,

Emma xxxx