Hello my little milklets! I am probably going to write something that we have all heard before but lately this is really ruffling me up the wrong way.

There is often debate over what constitutes a girl as being a slut, however, I do not think it is fair to label any girl as anything just because she enjoys having sex. If we take the example of a girl in her first week at work having sex with someone there and then having sex with someone she meets at the club that same weekend also then she becomes what we commonly know as a “slut”, “whore” or “cumslut”. However, if in this exact same example we use a guy, he is a “lad” or a “legend”.

Not only is it prejudice to women to say that we cannot enjoy sex as much as men can but it is also bordering on the line of misogynistic behaviour since we are placing the wants of women below that of men. We are saying that women cannot be sexual beings in the same way that men are. Why is this? Why is it that when a woman wants sex she is considered more whorish than a male? There is no real answer that I can provide I am afraid, hence why this topic angers me so much.

Another factor to this debate is talking to blokes about their children. In any stereotypical American movie there is a father with possibly both a daughter and a son. The son in these films is often aided by the father into losing his virginity and this is idolised as a goal that when achieved will both better them as a person and cause them to have a more fulfilled and happy life. However, when any mention of the daughter having sex in the film emerges the father is quick to say how she will not be having sex any time soon “or ever in fact.”.Both of these teenage characters could be the same age yet the father would always want his girl to not have sex.

Now, I understand from a protective point of view these men purely want to protect their daughters, but at the same time, why are we not protecting our boys too? There is just as much danger out there for boys as there is for girls now in this year of 2016 and things aren’t getting better. A lot of us need to stop being so damn closed-minded and open our eyes to the real world where sex is not something to just be joked about in college teen movies nor is it something to prevent people from doing all-together, it is a personal choice and commitment which people should have the freedom to choose to do or not based on their personal preferences and nobody should be able to judge me on this.

Maybe it is an unpopular opinion and maybe I am just old fashioned but I thought sex was for pleasure and for fun, not for a popularity contest or for a way to degrade females even more than they already are by men in modern society.

Just what I think.


With love,

Emma xxxx