An Open Letter…

Hello my darlings,

I am quite aware that it has been a well documented fact that there is an epidemic of “killer clowns” taking over and terrorising our streets. However, today this is my open letter to all of them to warn them that we will simply not stand for it and we will not take it.

There are multiple ‘prank videos’ online showing clowns in various areas, playgrounds, elevators, travellators, streets… The list goes on. Many people seem to have watched the videos in America of clowns standing outside people’s homes or chasing them through the woods to be funny and now want to copy the craze and bring it here to England. However, what I want to say to you so-called “pranksters” is that you are not funny and nobody will be impressed by what you are doing.

Currently, the media is overwrought with news stories and articles about the “killer clowns” and the things that they are doing on the streets, but in a few years they will mean nothing to us. When Halloween is over and there is no longer a fear of these clowns, the point to why people are dressing up as them will no longer exist and no longer care. Hereby, if you think you are going to go down in history by contributing to this vile act then I would suggest that you stop now. Nobody is going to care and no one will remember you, you are not impressive and you are not important. You are a someone who is in a  disguise and people will not look back on as anything more than a ridiculous asshole in a costume.

Now, not only are most people engaging in this utterly stupid craze just to be funny, but many are taking it to a length which is both disturbing and unacceptable. A very famous serial killer by the name of John Wayne Gacy used to dress up as a clown and in total he raped and killed 33 young boys during his time outside prison. It is thought that he is one of the main idols and inspirations that the clowns involved in this awful “movement” – if you can even call it that –  are based upon. If this is the case, then we all need to question whether we are taking a cautionary enough approach to this epidemic or not. Just a few weeks ago a young boy about the age of 8 years old was raped by one of the ” killer clowns” and many other children have been left terrified and scarred by clowns jumping out at them in parks and from bushes on their way to school. Furthermore, many adults have been left either seriously injured by the clowns or even killed.

In August 2013 James DeMonaco released his controversial film The Purge. The Purge followed the fictional idea that in March of every year the New Founding Fathers of the United States of America would allow all crime including murder to be legal for 24 hours with no medial services to be available. It seems to me that although not legal, the actions of these killers are similar to purging, the murderers are grasping the opportunity to go under the radar and release all their anger and need (in their minds) to harm and cause distress to others. Whether it is only “for a laugh” or not, deep down there must be a motive for wanting to cause fear within people, all humans posess it, just very few of us act on it because we know that we would be caught. For example, if you could rob a bank but nobody would find out, would you do it? Or would you not because of moral principle? I am sure many of you would, which proves simply why this epidemic scares me so.

If the opportunity continues to be so easy to gain access to (to dress up as a clown) then more and more people will get involved in it. This is what is an issue if not dealt with soon, because the more people to follow this “movement” the more people to exceed the police in their investigation into preventing this act from moving on further. It is becoming too much for us to handle and we need to stand up against it.

Finally, to you clowns. Youa re not funny and it is not clear to you the extent to which you are damaging people for life and causing them trauma. You must stop immediately and grow up.

Now, moving on from that subject onto something a little more light-hearted. I am proud to announce that in July of this year I am going to be going to Uganda to help build and playground for the children there and also to care for animals who have been abandoned in the wild and to look after the only surviving silverback gorillas in the mountains. I cannot wait to go and I’ll be sure to keep all you explorers up to date on here!


With love,

Emma xxxx


P.S. I want you all to stay safe this Halloween and if you do see somebody dressed as a clown (as stupid as it may sound) do not approach them and if you must, do it with caution. You cannot trust anybody anymore, and please, please, stay in a group. There is more safety in numbers than there is alone.


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