Hey gang,

So, as I write this post I am sat in my university bedroom eating leftover cold egg foo yung wrapped up in a tartan scarf and procrastinating from doing those six assignments I have due in… Anyway, hello!

I am proud to announce the How To Drink Milk has now got it’s very own domain name and although still powered by WordPress.com is owned solely by yours truly! On another exciting note, at Christmas the How To Drink Milk Youtube channel will be up and running meaning that I can make some more detailed discussion videos than what I am able to write on here and alos document the fundraising for my trip to Uganda next year!

So, what’s happened in my life since I’ve been gone? Absolutely nothing if I’m honest! University is an experience which – if you are considering – I would recommend you trying out, however, when you A Level tutor tells you that there is no chance of your lecturers at university keeping on top of you doing your work, they’re not wrong! I used to think I had oodles of motivation but having such freedom here really taught me that I’m wrong, hence why I want this to be a warning for those of you wanting to come here! Alcohol and games nights really do distract you!

Now, on other matters, with this blog I want to start being a little more honest so that I can help you all on a deeper level. I am an 18 year old woman, an adult who is having life experiences and has learnt – and is still learning – from them. A little while ago I spoke to you of a guy who stood me up, well, he got in touch with me again and  (although I did not believe him) told me that he had waited at the station for me for over three hours and that he was so pissed off with me that he went home. I reminded him that I had provided him with my address before he arrived but that clearly wasn’t enough and he said he went home.

Anywho me being the nice person I am, I gave him a second chance. For about another week we spoke every day and he told me he couldn’t wait to see me and that he didn’t stand me up, but that he was desperate to see me and was just fuming that I wouldn’t pick up my phone. He claimed we must have had a faulty signal, but I am not stupid, I knew that was not true. He then claimed that having me blocked on Snapchat was a factor of the signal loss, but it was funny how when he managed to contact me on WhatsApp he could also contact me on everything else once again… Continuing on, we spoke and I was hopeful he might tell me the truth when I saw him and so I waited for the next Friday evening he said he would come to see me so I could gently confront him about the situation, more gently than he deserved.

It came around to Tuesday of that week and we were FaceTiming and I caught the end call button by accident and when I went to get back in touch with him he had blocked me once ore on everything that there was to contact me on and that was it. He was gone and I haven’t heard from him since. Now, I didn’t cry the second time because he left me or because I missed him, but because I couldn’t believe he would do it to me again.

It’s hard, I want to advise most of you people out there on the things that have happened to me, yet I can’t seem to stop letting people use me and then drop me in my life. I have learned from this situation however, and wanted to discuss it with you today because I don’t want any of you to experience the same thing as me at all. If he ever contacts me again I have vowed to block him and make him feel how I felt, I am no man’s toys and refuse to appear as so. Especially when there are so many other better things I could be doing with my life.

My plea to you all today is to not let any man control you. I am seeing too much of it lately and have allowed it to happen to me so often that it has made me ill to an extent where friends and family have been concerned about me and I don’t want that anymore, and neither should you.

Listen to me girls, we are stronger than a man, we are stronger than what they force us to believe and we are stronger than what anybody knows.


With love,

Emma xxxx