I think I know as much as many people that as beautiful and magical as Christmas is, it also can be extremely hard sometimes to have fun and actually celebrate it the way we wish to. It is no secret to you all that I lost my dad two years ago now on the 9th of December and I can’t deny that in every jingle bell I hear I still wish I was listening to his laugh and wrapping his presents to go under the tree. But, I think we all have to remember that as painful as deaths are and how hard it is to live without the people we love, there is still so much love all around.

One film that forever reminds me of this at Christmas is Love, Actually. Even the opening where Hugh Grant discusses how love is all around, in relationships and between families. My motive behind writing about love to you all today is this; we are all aware of the terrorist attacks happening in this world and how much of an impact they may be having on people when they are losing family members and grieving them. I think at the same time as this we are also all aware of the prejudice that is being induced by such attacks on Muslims and people of particular faith which is consequentially causing racial abuse.

You’re now asking yourself, what has any of this got to do with love? Well my friends, I attend university in Bournemouth and it is absolutely packed with different cultures and faiths everywhere. You would think this would be enough for people to be accepting of people despite what we see in the news, but it isn’t. The reason I want to talk to you about this today and incorporate love is because I want to show many of you that you are wrong when you stereotype people and make them feel small for what they believe in.

Yesterday I got a cab from my friend’s house to come home. The man driving me was an Asian man in origin and asked me about my evening and about how university was going. I discussed with him how even though the life and freedom was a good laugh, I did not always enjoy my course. We joked after discussing that I was studying Scriptwriting for Film & Television that one day I could even be famous, but that I would never want to be so famous I couldn’t get on with the things I enjoy, and he told me one of the most inspirational things ever.

He told me that as amazing as being famous could be, there is no point in being reach in materialism at Christmas if you are not rich in your heart. He said if we ever dug for gold and found some, we should share it out so everyone can benefit from it instead of being greedy. This is what Christmas is all about. He may have been a man who resembled someone that we as a community seem to stereotype as ‘dangerous’ thanks to horrific events happening in the world, but he spoke like any other human. You know why? Because he is human.

He has feelings and emotions and also shares experiences just like anybody else. He clearly has morals and reminded me of a fact that I did not even remember to consider. Now, instead of feeling low about the fact that I am missing my father and that he is no longer here, I am remembering to keep my heart rich with love and to appreciate those who are here like my recently born niece and other family members.

I want to ask you all this Christmas to remember that what the world portrays people as is not always true and that Christmas really is a time to share our benefits with people and really try our best to spread the love that we can all experience in this world because as the man in the taxi told me, when we die we can’t take any of this with us. Not our mansion or our cars or our designer shoes, we can only take the love that we have experienced with others and the memories that we have created with them.

Next year I am going to Uganda in order to display these qualities to myself and share some time with those people who are less fortunate than me and maybe give the children there the opportunity to learn through play and really get excited about their futures instead of being fearful for them due to their economical crisis. I have to ask you all as it really helps that if you can donate anything to my page this Christmas then that would be amazing. I have left a link below but please remember that giving to charity at Christmas is one of the best things you can do and when I get my new camera at Christmas you will certainly be able to see where your money is going when I upload videos of my journey on my upcoming YouTube channel next year.



Thank you so much my little milklets, merry Christmas!


With love,

Emma xxxx