Hey gang! Since coming home from university it has become clear to me how different life is back here in Southend in contrast to what I am used to in Poole now. I used to relish in this seaside town and although it still inspires me to write more compared to anywhere else, it feels different now somehow.

Sometimes at university I can feel quite alone even when I’m surrounded by thousands of people every day. I thought coming home for a little while would alleviate this feeling and help me to feel happy again, but that’s not what has happened. As ridiculous as it sounds, you don’t expect change to have the effect that it does. As we grow up and experience new things we all alter our lives to suit what we are going through and sometimes I think it is hard for others to understand this.

Going to university has made me a different person, but not for one second have I changed for the worst. In fact, it has made me appreciate the smaller things in life such as friendship and surroundings so much more. In life it is important to surround ourselves with people who want us to do well and want us to achieve more than what we can imagine – not for their own selfish benefit – but because they simply want to see us happy.

I am so lucky to have people like this in my life, who support me no matter what I do and will always make sure I am in good health regardless of what they are suffering from in their life. I want to express to you all today to be happy for one another and to never judge another person for how they are behaving since you have not walked a mile in their shoes.

Personally, I cannot wait for the day that I am happily sat in a room with friends who make me feel like I am unbreakable, invincible and completely euphoric, because that is the only way a friend should ever make you feel. If your friends/boyfriends/family do not make you feel this way, then they are not benefitting you. They are not encouraging you to be a better version of yourself. They are simply just holding you back from being the most amazing you that you can become.

Sometimes, our closest friends might move away or not be near us, but if we hold onto each other then we will always have the support that we need. I want you all to remember those who are close to you this Christmas time and almost do a New Year’s declutter of people who are brining you down and not aiding you in moving forward in this world, because they are the people who will not be mourning your loss when you leave, but feeling jealous when you are standing at the top with a big grin on your face!

In the same way as this, remember those who are constantly supporting you no matter what you do and make sure you thank them in the way only you know how. I am buzzing to see certain people in my life again over this holiday like my best friend and closest pals since they are the ones who never let me feel like I am worthless, but instead carry me through any difficult situation I face. I love them with all my heart!

I want to reach out as How To Drink Milk to any readers that feel alone this year or are stuck on how to move forward or declutter in this world to contact me and I will be sure to be in touch with you. Feel free to remain anonymous, but I want to help others to feel happy like I have promised myself I want to in the next year.

Have a good day everyone!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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