Every single year we all say “new year new me!” but if we’re honest hardly any of us stick to it! Unfortunately this year, I’m going to have to! Due to health reasons I have to lose two stone within two months. If I do not, then I will be unable to get some surgery done. When I heard this news I had a break down. I realised that I hated how I looked and that as much as I constantly fight for beauty advocacy over plus size beautiful women, my health was also something I had to take into account.

Due to this, I have joined a gym here at uni, and have joined Slimming World! I want everyone out there to take a vow this year, not a resolution (because none of us ever stick to them!) to do something that will better your life. That could be removing friends who do not care about you, losing weight, patching things up with a family member… Anything! Just do something where you can look back on 2017 next year and think “wow, I made everything better for myself.”

I want to use my weight loss journey as an inspiration to some of you to try harder too and want to share more recipes and fitness ideas with you so that you can also try your best to better yourselves!

My motivation for writing about this today is because of the changes that are happening in my life. I am losing friends who I thought cared about me and that is not a bad thing, it just strengthens my bonds with those who I know do! It is never nice to lose people who you once held very dear and shared many memories with, I know that, but sometimes by holding onto those who do not fuel your drive and do not support you just holds you back and causes your dreams to come to a halt just because they do not understand them.

Your dreams are an amazing part of your life and I cannot stress enough how much you need to hold onto them and do whatever it takes to achieve them! I know this sounds awfully cliché but I have seen so many people give up on their ultimate dream in this world and as a consequence ended up doing jobs that they hate, living with people they do not like and staying in homes which frankly make them depressed. Too many people are pushed to give up on their dreams because they are “unrealistic” and “unachievable”. Sure, maybe the people that tell you that didn’t achieve their dream, but why is that? Because they gave up.

Now, I can’t tell you that making your dreams come true is an easy process, because it’s not! But I can tell you that if you try hard enough you will get there. Now, I thought coming to university would fuel my writing drive and make me want to do more of it! But it no way has it! I haven’t been writing on the blog enough and I have put my current book on hold from the stress of the work. Work that I feel is not bettering my education nor is relevant to the subject that I am taking. Due to this I will have to try even harder to find a new path to publish my work and get me where I need to be but I will do it. I WILL. And you can watch me.

You can watch me, or you can stand with me. What will it be?


With love,

Emma xxxx