It begins…

So, today I dragged myself into my new gym for the first time and have made a good start on my Slimming World meals! For breakfast I had an oil/fat free fry up! If you would like to know recipes for that then send me an email! It is amazing what foods you can still eat when switching to food optimizing. Food optimizing is not about cutting out things that are unhealthy, it is just about changing the amounts you have and how you cook them!

One of my favourite meals of all time is Tuna Pasta Bake. However, I also love to crumble up ready salted crisps with tons of cheese and scatter this over the top of the dish which is in no way good for you! Thanks to food optimization I do not have to remove this dish from my life but instead swap full-fat cheese out for quark and try leeks and spinach instead of the creamy sauce I had before! The dish is still super tasty without all the added extras in it!

I know I seem to always end up pushing everyone to try their best but what am I here for huh? I was nervous to go in to the gym today because I haven’t worn a vest top in about three years publicly! So, I went online to and ordered myself a new workout outfit consisting of some mesh workout trousers, a vest top and a very snazzy workout bra! I have modelled them not-so-sexily below in the gym toilets:


I don’t think it is fair that all plus size girls should be boxed up and told that they need to shop at a particular clothes store just because of the size that they are. As much as I was a little insecure to wear what I did I am sure I saw one guy checking out my bum as I was pulling waits with my back bent so I couldn’t have looked too shabby huh?

You are beautiful no matter how you look, honestly. I understand it’s even difficult for you slimmer girls! It can be hard to find workout trousers/pants that fit without going baggy around the ankles or falling down as you run on the treadmill. Now, until I am allowed to release my own line of workout wear, all I can suggest for this is to stick a safety pin in the back of your trousers and roll up the bottoms!

It is not easy for all of us to have the confidence to even venture out into the gym in proper workout clothes either, I get that, therefore I also want to let you know that it doesn’t matter what you get your sweat on in! I have seen people go to the gym in the full jeans, t-shirt and puffer jacket combo! I wouldn’t recommend this outfit as you’ll sweat like mad and it surely can’t be comfortable, but you know, if that’s the look you want to go for then be my guest! Whatever you feel comfortable in to get to the weight you’d ideally like to be.

As a side note, if you are a larger girl and you want some sexy fitness gear that’ll cover the parts you’re not so happy about but also let you look stylish then I recommend visiting and! Both really good stores for good quality workout gear. Primark is also selling a lot of workout gear at the moment such as microfiber towels and yoga mats so take advantage of those lower prices when you can!

As much as I believe that natural beauty is stunning, I also like to have a little coverage when I’m working out to keep sweat to a minimum and to make sure I don’t look like a tomato! Since I mentioned Primark, I thought I would share with you all that they currently have a range of workout makeup that is sweat resistant and should last longer! There is no reason we can’t work out and still look good doing it!

My final thing I want to say to you all today is to not worry if other people in the gym are looking at you or not. Most of us are born selfish and are probably admiring ourselves as we look in the mirror and are lifting those weights up and down and if people are looking at you it won’t be to judge you, it’ll be to either work out how to use a piece of equipment that they have never tried out (which I do all the time!), to check you out (you saucy little minx!), or simply just because they’re a bit bored, they’re warming down and are just taking a gander at their surroundings. The gym is a very positive place and people like to make friends there as well as get pumped for the rest of the week so if people do look at you, don’t give them evils or be rude, just look away if it makes you uncomfortable because at the end of the day all you’re going to do is bring them down and that’s not good for anybody.

I hope you all have a good evening and I’ll be sure to post again soon!


With love,

Emma xxxx


P.S. Add my Snapchat at emmareynolds98 and keep up to date with my workouts etcetera!


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