Humbug Boyfriend Blues

Lazing around on my university bed I feel fat as can be. I’ve eaten well over my syn count for the day and have treated myself to many less than healthy treats including a whole pizza… Sometimes when we lose track of our diets and we begin snacking we feel guilty when we look in the mirror because that is what reminds us of what we felt unhappy with in the beginning.

I know how awful it feels when you feel like you’re taking one step forward and one gazillion steps back! However my little milklets, we are only human, and if like me you have an assignment due on Wednesday that you have not yet started but had the whole of Christmas to complete, then you would feel the need to stress snack too!

Unfortunately, when it comes to dieting the only way to truly stick to it is willpower. I wish I could tell you that there was some magical secret that would make you lose weight in a matter of weeks but I can’t, Lord knows I wish I could but I just can’t! I am always seeign inspirational stories/videos online of people who have stuck to their diet/fitness plans and as a result have lost 100lbs in a year! But we can’t all be like that, due to social media and the ability to share stories it can sometimes feel like everyone around us is making progress and we are stood stock-still struggling. But girl, don’t despair, you’re allowed to make mistakes!

Now, I know many of you who want to lose weight want to do it not just so you can look fitter and be healthier, but because you want to up your chances of getting some male interest. Hey, I’m not judging! We’ve all been there! There is nothing unnatural about wanting to be noticed and told that actually we are the beautiful girl in the room for once and we are beautiful in our own right. Please, always remember you are ALLOWED to FEEL.

On this note, I want to tell you that as much as I do believe you should always look after number one first, sometimes the motivation of looking good for that special someone in your life is better! However, getting to the point where you want to be, is nowhere near as easy. Therefore I want to give you all some tips on how you can still feel sexy, even if you think you look like a sack of potatoes!

  1. Look in the mirror for ten minutes at yourself. Full lighting, no clothes at all! Just look at yoursef. (I know this is daunting but bare with me ladies!) Now, tell aloud what you see. Tell yourself as if you were speaking to a blind person. Do you have stretch marks? Is one of your breasts rounded and the other pointed? Do you have hair on your lower tummy? Do you shave, or not? Do you have cellulite on your thighs? When you have done this, you need to tell yourself that these things are not wrong, they are not unnatural, and even if the media or men say they are unappealing, you do not need to adhere to societies expectations. Finally, look at yourself from ever angle there is, between your legs, looking over your shoulder, head on, profile… What are your best assets? Do you have a killer ass? Are your boobs a beautiful shape? Do you like the way your hair falls down your back? How does your entire body look when you lay down and pay attention to it? After you have found these parts of yourself, the parts you really love, then focus on them. Tell yourself if you can love them, someone else certainly can! And rock them baby! They are your little secret to impress!
  2. Style yourself. There is no need to dress like you fell out of a charity shop just because you feel like you need to cover up! Covering yourself up is often the main reason why many men don’t pay attention. Following up from the previous exercise above, make sure you learn what your best curves and crevices are and tailor your clothes to suit them! For example, I am a size 18 with a 38FF bust and huge hips. In order to tailor for this I chose a top which showed cleavage yet covered my arms to maintain class, and a peplum black pencil skirt to shape my large thighs but to also cleverly hide my belly bulge beneath! High heels will always elongate your legs too ladies, so if you want to look taller and give the illusion you’re a little thinner, opt for those!
Red Top from Boohoo and Skirt from Boohoo alongside Heels from New Look! Shape yourselves girl and you can look killer!

3. Look pretty FOR YOU. Some days I wake up and I feel absolutely rotten with myself. I know that I look relatively pretty without makeup on but it is also a lot of fun to apply it and take time to look good for myself. I want you to take fifteen minutes out of the day once during the week at least to do yourself up. Really try. Put your best new lippy on and try on that new jumper and even be a little daring with your outfit choices! At the end of the day, people who stand out get more compliments anyway! After you think you look primped and beautiful, take a photo. You don’t have to upload it anywhere, but if you think you look great, then go for it girl! However, if you don’t feel confident enough to, then make a new album in your phone and call it anything you want, “MOTIVATION” maybe. Whenever you think you look ugly or unnatractive, then go to those photos and look at the comments and likes you recieved on them and remember how beautiful you can look regardless of how you feel. That being said, don’t forget to take time to feel comfortable in your naked face and feel beautiful with that too!

Being happy in my naked face!

4. Pamper! I absolutely love baths and masssages and bath bombs and all that! Sometimes it’s really nice to go to your local drug store or supermarket and treat yourself to some rose petals, some bath salts, and bath cremes. If you want, go ahead and buy a gift set, FOR YOURSELF! After all, don’t you deserve a treat every now and again too? Spend some time pampering yourself for the day and slap on a facemask. When you feel refreshed look at yourself in the mirror and think, “I look good, I am clean, and I am fresh.” This way you don’t have to feel smelly or unclean and have the confidence to get ready for your day and feel sexy in the process!

If you follow those steps at least on four different occasions throught the week/month when you’re feeling down then you will be sure to feel so much better about yourself and hopefully meet the man of your dreams! I want to hear all about it if you do so please drop me an email at!

Please keep reading and sharing and following the page for more tips and tricks ladies!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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