So, like an idiot I recently listened to my own advice and decided I needed to be more confident within myself. I listened and remembered a few things that some friends have said to me throughout the years about how I should consider modelling. Not thinking anything of it I logged onto my laptop and started trawling through various plus size modelling agencies. I found a few and signed up to them using some images some friends took of me for their photography work during sixth form.

I was at the gym lifting weights when I recieved a voice mail telling me that one agency was really impressed with the photo I had sent them and they wanted to have me in for a shoot in the next few weeks! Hesitant to say yes I spoke to a few friends and they encourageed me to go for it, so my little milklets I have an announcement for you! Next week on Tuesday I will be attending a photoshoot in London to see if I enjoy the modelling work and if I do I can be put on their books!

If anyone is interested to know, this is the photo I sent through to them, shot by a friend of mine:


I may not go ahead with purchasing a portfolio and getting signed up to the agency if I do not enjoy it, however I am so excited to have been given this opportunity and what to express to all of you how easy it might be for you all to get signed up as a plus size model if that is something you want to do too. I would advise you all to be careful though, the same day that I signed up for one agency, another called me and said they wanted me too.

They asked if I would come in to make a portfolio with them. Since I already have planned to have a portfolio made next week on Tuesday, I told them that whatever work they felt me suitable for I would present my portfolio to them when I saw them. They told me that would not work since I had to show them a portfolio with only their branding on, meaning they just wanted me for their books. I will not be accepting their offer on this basis.

I may have only done this for a laugh, but if you have a friend with a fairly good camera and believe you can model, then why not have a go at it? You get paid for doing something that makes you look beautiful and it’s exciting! However, always remember that it is a critical industry, and one that may not always treat you well.

I hope you are all keeping well my milklets!


With love,

Emma xxxx