Modelling, Writing, and Other Ramblings…

Hey gang! As always, I must apologise to you all for the fact that I haven’t blogged in a while! But what’s a few missed posts among friends huh? How are you all my little milklets? Feeling snazzy? That’s fantastic!

So, since you last heard from me I have travelled to London and taken part in a modelling shoot, been in touch with some people who think I might be eligible for a few agencies around the country, took some fire selfies, had a dinner date alone in Pizza Express on Regent Street, and even had some writing inspiration! Are you ready for this post milklets? It’s gonna be a heavy one!

Let’s start with the modelling! Last week I travelled up to Oxford Circus in London and made my way to Great Titchfield Street where you can find Kube Studios! Upon arriving they sent me into hair and makeup where this amazingly flamboyant artist made me look very natural for my first shoot, I can’t say that I love this one so I won’t be posting photos of that particular one, however he made me look gorgeous for the rest.

London Vibes
Get the London Look!

I got to choose all the outfit choices for the day which meant that I finally got to show off some of my personal style that I don’t always get to do at other points in my life. The photographer told me that she though that the outfit I was wearing above with the blue dungaree dress and the shirt was my best outfit of the day and we got some of my best photos out of that in particular!

Did you say something?

The photo just above here is one of my favourites of the whole day. It is very original and almost old in its sepia tones and vintage editing. I loved that I was able to not only wear the rings two very good friends of mine bought me for my 18th birthday, but to also wear the locket that contains photos of my father. I felt so much more confident knowing that I got to share the experience with him even though he wasn’t there to see it or review the photos for himself.

I can’t deny that all the photos I got that day weren’t all I was hoping for, I have had friends at school and such who have taken some I much prefer for their portfolio work. However, if there are any girls out there who are considering doing modelling, some portfolio work, good or not, is better than nothing! If an agency can see that you have past modelling work to show them, and they see at least a minuscule bit of potential in you, then they will be sure to sign you up! Even if you only do one job for them, it’s better than nothing right? Now, although I won’t mention how much for now, there is money involved and it is a lot. You have to pay for:

  • Portfolio photos
  • Printing
  • Agency liaisons
  • Z-Cards (leaflets to leave with agencies)
  • Travel expenses

All of that of course will be paid for you when you make it big!


Now, if there is one thing that I regret out of the whole modelling day (other than the money it cost!) it would be that I didn’t have as much fun with the shoot as I should have. I felt, and still feel, that the photos above have generally only one face, when I know that in a general selfie, I am capable of so many more emotive looks:


I was quite astonished when I was at the modelling studio if I’m honest there were so many plus size girls there, sat next to other girls who were clearly size 10, 8 and 6! It’s amazing to me how much the modelling industry has changed and how there are multiple different body shapes, looks and abnormalities that fit in there too. I want any girl out there who think they might have a little bit of a talent for modelling or a dream similar to have a go at it, it might take some hard work and you’ll need thick skin to take the comments that people will give you, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it!

I applied with a singular photo of myself that a friend at school took of me to a company called StartUp Models where the liaison Jo is absolutely lovely and so helpful! Go through them and if you are chosen then really make the most of your shoot because you don’t want to be regretting decisions like this in the future, especially expensive ones!

Now, if you don’t want to look like a sad sack at the end of your shoot then I recommend you don’t do what I did at the end of my shoot, but if like me you don’t give two flying monkeys, then read on… After my shoot I had a couple of hours to spare before my train home and so I decided to get some dinner. I found a little Pizza Express just along Regent Street and had food there alone! Multiple waiters and waitresses asked me many times if I was waiting for anybody, and chuckling I had to say no and pretend that this was a totally normal affair of mine. After many funny looks from everyone I must say I quite enjoyed the time to reflect on the day, especially with my little candle in front of me and my letter from Kube Studios which included my photographs so I could look at those too.

Romantic meal for one!

If any of you do decide to go for a shoot I would recommend taking some time to breathe in the city where you went for the pictures too, you may be working there again if you make it in the future, so it will be nice to get to grips with the area! Also, if anyone by any amazing chance is reading this from industry, or if you are anyone who is looking for a plus size model to either collaborate for some photographic portfolio work or otherwise, you can contact me by using the contact information here:

We’re getting there everyone… Bare with me! So, today I had some writers from industry come to my university and it made me remember why I began to blog and what I wanted to make from it. I want to also reach out to you writers out there. I have lately been entering many competitions with my scripts and short stories, yet to no avail, but eventually to some success I am hoping! If you are feeling that you have lost your drive for writing then please follow the tips I have for you below:

  1. Freewrite! Freewriting is a form of writing where you essentially write freely for 5 minutes every day. You sit down with your pen and paper (or laptop if you’re a lazy sod!) and without pausing, using correct grammar, crossing out mistakes or adding punctuation you write continuously for that amount of time and if you get stuck you keep writing on the paper “IM STUCK IM STUCK” until you find something else to write about! This will unblock your mind and allow you to be creative again.
  2. Read books. Books about screenwriting and novels can help, but especially read books that are like “writer’s workbooks”. These will allow you to engage with the content in the novel and you can develop your knowledge and skills as you work through it.
  3. Research. I know this sounds boring but it’s really not guys! Some celebrities that you may know could very well be writers. One of my all time inspiration has to be Mary Lambert and she has actually written a whole anthology of poetry! They at beautiful works and just go to show that you can engage in multiple artistic areas as well as others!

Although not necessarily to do with writing, I think it is important to try out a range of roles in your field to see if you enjoy something. For example, a few friends and I put together a student film for our project and I got to be assistant manager and editor. As a result I have actually began to quite enjoy editing and will definitely put myself forward for doing it again for my future collaborative project this year. I have attached my student video below “Temptations” which I am not proud of, but it is the first film I have ever worked on and it is a starting point, but it is a point, at least.

I think I’ll leave it here for today gang as I can see you all yawning away! But I hope you are all well and please contact me should you ever need advice with anything!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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