New Starts

Hey gang! I am so, so excited to write this blog post today as I can finally tell you all about the breakthroughs that are beginning to happen in my life!

I will begin with the modelling. After waiting for some portfolio payment to be processed I have heard back from the studio who took my photographs for me and they have told me there are three agencies who are interested in representing me. After contacting all three of them only yesterday, one of them called AM Models Agency has got back to me today to let me know that they have released my model profile onto their database for agencies to see and they are now officially representing me!

It means a lot to me that I am now getting somewhere in the industry for definite. Although I have still had no paid work to date, I am making the mark I want to, that being that plus size women can be beautiful and be a size 18 or above and still model like other girls do! Still, my dreams are to write books, but if modelling takes it’s course too then I am open to continuing this journey!

Thanks to Kube Studios who made the portfolio for me, I now have an e-folio online which shows all of my portfolio electronically. You can view this by going to

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some images on there which are not my best and I will be the first to admit that! Even as someone who supports plus size beauty, I still believe that we should always look good and dress ourselves correctly as well as posing in the best ways to shape our figure. For example, as a size 18 girl it is obvious that I have a belly, and honestly when the photo below was taken I felt horrific:


I feel like the positioning was all wrong, my legs look larger than what I know them to be, my hands look flopped and my face looks so emotionless and it’s just nothing special. This made me feel quite rubbish and made me question whether I was even really good enough for modelling at all, and if I’m honest, I still have my doubts. The cover photo for this blog post was from a boudoir shoot that I participated in for free for a woman in Wimborne. Some of the shots I felt uncomfortable with at first but then got used to later, but when I received the images I got worried, thinking that they were not good enough. However, in the end I understood that this was not true, I edited the photos and showed some friends who complemented me greatly and really gave me the boost that I needed.

I want to tell you all to not be afraid if you do want to take a punt and go for something like modelling or getting your works published. If we were all too scared to do things like that then we would never get anywhere. No celebrity or successful person ever got famous doing nothing, remember that.

I am admittedly struggling to find the money to put together a hard portfolio to show to agencies and such, however I know that when I do do this, I will be signed with someone and can begin to improve my career prospects.

In other news, I have recently been in touch with a rock music blog called Rock Chic. Excitingly, I am now writing rock music journalism pieces for them occasionally. If anyone would be interested in reading my latest piece over there then please head to:

I wrote about an album called Unruly Child and will hopefully be featuring more on the site within months to come so please keep reading both on How To Drink Milk and Rock Chic to hear more from me about what is happening in my life!

I am hoping that these new opportunities that are arising will mean I have some money coming in and can finally begin to progress work on my writing such as my anthology and novel. I am really struggling to get a job here in Poole and Bournemouth, I have applied at many places including hotels, restaurants, charity shops and even linen stores. On top of this I have even applied to do rep work for nightclubs but absolutely no one will employ me. I know how frustrating this can be and for a university student but it just means that I have to keep trying because I need a job.

I guess something will come along eventually! Positivity is key gang!

Any professional modelling contact, please go through my new email address for modelling:

Good luck with everything that you do milklets!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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