Hello my little milklets, I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there and to keep striving for your dreams even if you do not have the confidence to do it, but in light of recent events I want to talk to you all about how important it is for you to keep going and never stop!

Ever since I was a young girl I have been a little larger. Always carried a little more tummy than the other girls and wasn’t allowed to have the pretty parts in the plays. Due to this I often found myself inside writing on my carpet in the living room or singing in my bathroom. Since then I have dreamt of writing and doing more with my life! I have written stories on scraps of paper, kept a notebook in my pocket, and now write poetry for my anthology and novella that I am working on.

When I have written those stories I have felt a great sense of achievement, I have felt like I have really expressed a side to myself that only I can truly understand and others can relate to on a deep level. It is my diary of thought, and my life, written through the words of someone else. It is my world, and I adore sharing it with others. Since I am in a creative mood, I want to share a poem that I wrote below with you all, it is called Innocence. It reflects how I felt at a certain point in my life and through a metaphor reflects this.


Wall Street was booming like a bomb hit New York City,

People were scurrying about the town in a buzz so busy.

This was a new era for the Big Apple,

This was a city for the extraordinary and able.

Celebrities from far and wide came to awe at the view,

Ostentatious boats would sail and you would glower at the crew,

Actors, singers, the great Bank Broker,

The nights would flash by in a spin and a whir.

Liquor was cheaper than ever before,

And the public was yearning for more and more,

Parties were going on till dawn,

And adult deers were created from the innocence of a fawn.

The high life was great until one night,

When I lost my innocence in a petrifying fight,

Four months later a bump appeared,

And I began to drown in my bitter tears.

To remove the ball was not legal,

And I was too far gone to be left stable,

The baby was kept; it was a little girl,

Her bantam life began to unfurl.

The price I paid was awfully painful,

But my beautiful girl was born in April.

She was beautiful as a rose,

No matter how her life was chose.

Take me back to the days of partying and alcohol,

Where I could take a midnight stroll,

Have no care or false pretence,

Just pure love and innocence.

Copyright © 2015 by Emma Reynolds  All Rights Reserved

I switch between third and first person within the poem to reflect how getting older can penetrate the innocence of all of us females and can change us for the worst leaving us lost and scared. I hope this poem resonates with all of you.

The purpose of me sharing this poem with you all today was to be able to present the dream factor to you. We all have dreams and aspirations and quite often we forget about them in order to make other things in our life work, like getting a job in a supermarket to make ends meet instead of going for that singing contract you’ve always wanted.

I am desperate for a job at the moment and am really struggling, however, I will never ever lose sight of my dreams. Even though I am following the modelling root for now, using that is getting me castings and opportunities to share my work with others and get my name out there. When this happens eventually I will be able to meet others who might be interested in my work and hope this gets the ball rolling for me. I only got into this modelling by applying through a company called StartUp Models online and by chance they invited me for a shoot. Sure, I had to pay for the shoot but now I’m signed to two agencies and am hoping to be casted next week. please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Please never ever lose sight of your dreams milklets! Keep going!

With love,

Emma xxxx