I am literally going to give up on apologising for not writing at some point because I am so useless at remembering nowadays! It’s because so much is going on in my life now!

In the past few weeks I have been signed by two modelling agencies and have an interview with a third this coming Saturday to see if they like me or not! I am a new writer at a rock music blog which is called Rock Chic that you can find here: http://rockchicme.blogspot.co.uk/ Recently, I was also accepted to write for a University accommodation platform called Work With Us and hope to be engaging in some exciting projects with them very soon!

I have tons I need to tell all you little milklets about but the best way to start is to tell you how you can do the same! I recently signed up to a website called Starnow where creative professionals and people who are just starting out on their creative career can co operate together to create things! Starnow has literally become a blessing in my life. It is where I was given the opportunity to be the music journalist, to also work with an upcoming photographer on some boudoir photography, to be given the opportunity to work with ITV (which I have subsequently turned down) and have just yesterday been successfully accepted to submit some of my own original poetry to be published in a young person’s anthology which I will be sure to keep you all updated on in due course!

I want all of you to not only be aware that you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it, but to also know that it’s not going to just come to you just because you’re positive about your chances of having success. Of course, you need to begin this way, but to progress and move forward you need to work hard. Starnow is just one of the many platforms that can help you do this!

Other things that can help you would be building a blog (just like this one!) to help you to document your journey! To contact fellow creative peoples through the internet and ask them if they would like to do some freelance work with you, for fair publishing rights. Just work around the money issue for now! Most of the time when you are trying to make it big in industry, you need to do the unpaid crap jobs first! It’s just how things work.

I am going to be paying £10 to submit my poetry to that anthology that I mentioned above, however if it does get selected, think how of how many people will be reading my work and sharing it with MY name on it! It would be amazing. You might have to do lots of things without being paid where you have to spend to get involved, but that’s how you get noticed! A screenwriter who was on my course at university some five/six years ago paid to put on a show called Trumpageddon at the Edinburgh Film Festival when Donald Trump wasn’t even famous yet. The praise he got for it made him known among some other writers and film crew members and he has now written two books and has been given a small grant to keep working on Trumpageddon.

He didn’t get paid but now look where he is. To advance you gotta take risks and without them you will fail, so put yourself out there and show everyone what you’re made of. Even if you get super exhausted in the process, wouldn’t you rather be doing it in Louboutins than Converse?

Something to think about!


P.S. Please enjoy the lovely photo of my cat Mr. Mason on this post cover photo today!


With love,

Emma xxxx