Hey gang!

I’d say the reason I rarely know what to write about these days is because things just aren’t happy enough to discuss. The world is full of terrorism and fear and I want this blog to be something exciting and supporting of people. This week, I feel that there was something to celebrate for sure, International Women’s Day.

Women and girls from all around the world came together in their towns and on their social media to support their sisters and to celebrate everything that we have achieved, and invented over the years. Personally, I was quite a fan of the Dior post on their Instagram, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new director of Dior created a shirt which boldly stated “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS”. As much as I’d love the shirt, it is near on £150! But it’s the meaning behind the shirt what counts, and today I want to talk a little about International Women’s Day and why it is so amazing.



Maria Grazia Chirui’s design for Dior!

International Women’s Day is a day for all of us girls to celebrate who we are, what we have achieved and what goals we have for the future. For many of us it is also a time for us to reflect on the amazing women in our lives like grandmothers from the World Wars and mothers from now. However, I feel like even with this day for us, we are still given grief from multiple men about the word “feminist” and what it means.


Today, I have called the post “International Meninist Week” because I feel like women are still not allowed to enjoy their day, or have their march on Washington or Chicago or London or elsewhere, because men think that we are being a pain in the arse. Now, anyone reading this should know that I am not an extreme feminist, I do not believe that women are above men, nor do I believe that women should have to be aggressive or disrespectful of men to get what they want. After all, I love the male species… Mmmm.

Quite recently I was asked if I was a feminist. I was baffled by this question. My response was literally to drop my jaw. What sort of a question is that? Of course I am a feminist. The definition of feminist is the social, political and economical equality of the sexes. Full stop. EQUALITY OF THE SEXES. I cannot understand for one second why anyone sits there and says “oh no, I’m not a feminist, I am an equalist.” THEY ARE THE SAME DAMN THING.

If you claim to not be a feminist, what you are claiming to be is someone that doesn’t believe in equality. I mainly hear this statement from men. That’s not a sexist remark, but fact, and in all honesty I do believe that it arises from a lack of education in the area. Guys, when you say you’re not a feminist what you’re essentially saying is not just that women don’t deserve to be equal to you, but that you don’t deserve to be equal to women either. If you aren’t a feminist, then you literally are saying you believe certain individuals, including men, deserve to be below others. No one can support that view in their right mind.

I read a fact just this morning, and it is what inspired me to write this post today and to label it “International Meninist Week”. Apparently, men Google on International Women’s Day more than any other when International Men’s Day is. This is because they want yet again something to fight back about. They want to say that women are causing issues, and that if we should have a women’s day, then they should get a men’s! Well guess what guys? YOU HAVE ONE.

So many people tell me I shouldn’t have an International Women’s Day if they don’t get a Men’s, well as a Feminist, these are the kinds of things I work for. E Q U A L I T Y. However, men claim constantly that women have more rights, well let me tell you, sure the Suffragettes did amazingly all those years ago, and yes changes have been made, but the reason women are still fighting so hard and are still “getting on your nerves” and “being bossy as always” with “just one more thing for them to complain about” (which is just low key sexism by the way) is because actually some things have still NOT changed.

When I had my first job I was paid quite a high salary for my age. I also got time and a half on Sundays meaning I got my regular salary as well as half of it on top per hour. So I was earning a lot. Now, even though I was treated well, had a share in this business and earned a hefty bonus each year, it seemed deadly wrong to me (and tell me if I’m wrong!) that my friend, who was employed after me, who did the exact same job, who did nothing better or worse than me, who had no worse or better qualifications than I, who was A MALE, was earning £3 extra per hour than me plus the time and a half.

Let that sink in.

What difference can you see between us?

That I was a woman, and he was a man.

Whenever I tell people this story people always try to justify it to me, saying “you probably did a worse job than him”. HOW WOULD THAT JUSTIFY IT ANYWAY? No, I never went to my boss and complained when yes, I really should have, but in all honesty I was fearful to. It was the job policy never to discuss pay at work and I knew I would be in trouble if I mentioned it. This is sexism because of my gender.

The reason we have International Women’s Day is because we are still oppressed. We are still being hurt and we still have things to fight for. And we will. We should all be feminists because it is fighting on the grounds of the equality of the sexes, if you want to fight me on that go ahead, but in all honesty there is no argument that can be made that would persuade me that men should be below women or vice versa.

Happy International Women’s Day ladies!


With love,

Emma xxxx