Oh not “Feminism” again…

Hey pals,

I can guarantee that at least half of the people who can see the title of this blog post today have sighed, thinking “oh not Feminism again…”. This is exactly the reaction I want to provoke, to prove a point.

I am sorry, but I cannot comprehend living in an era where Feminism is still something that has to be fought for. We have spent decades fighting against things like slavery and the right to have gay marriage in the UK and abroad and small changes have been made, however, we still don’t have women’s rights in the UK.

I am not for one second saying that there is no other kind of bigotry or  discrimination in other areas such as LGBTQ+ or racism, but these things are often not shunned when they are kicked up about, however Feminism is.

Men often sigh when women mention Feminism and say “oh look, she’s banging on about it again…”. Why is this an acceptable reaction? Oh look, another woman wants to earnt he same as me and have the same rights, how irritating of her…

This is misogyny.

This is essentially telling us that we need to stop wanting rights and just accept it. To anyone who keeps using this kind of mentality, you are living in a century that is now long behind us. If this is how you feel then you should go back to the 1800s because women are strong and independent now and they should be treated right.

Women can only do so much alone. We need laws to change. Never stop being a Feminist.


With love,

Emma xxx




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