Hey my little milklets!

I am quite aware that many of you will be moving to university at the end of this year and many of you will have begun to start buying the essentials that you need to go there! Now wherever you are going and no matter what type of room you have, I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that you love your uni room because yes, you are only there for one year, however that is one year of laughs, joy, upset, crying, sadness, you are going to need some alone time in your room at some point! It needs to be your little sanctuary.

Below I’ve listed some things which I believe make your uni room 10 times more comforting and can even remind you of home! Please let me know if you think of anything else to add to the list for maybe a part 2 of this!

The Perfect Uni Room Checklist:

  • Pinboard – Now, I know this may seem obvious, but you must fill your uni pinboard with photos and nick nacks that remind you of home! Remember you often aren’t allowed to put anything up on the walls in your room so personalising the pin board as much as possible is the next best thing for you! As you can see below, mine is overflowing with artists who inspire me, my family and friends, memories, glow sticks, fairy lights and various other posts. Even my first ever piece of freewriting is up there. Use this board to remember your dreams whilst you’re at uni, so you don’t lose sight of them.

My uni pinboard!

  • Posters – Many unis might not let you bring posters, however, I would still try your best to sneak them in! My uni has poster sales all the time and they sell white-tac instead of blu-tac which is better for your walls since it doesn’t leave a blue stain! These also liven up your uni room and if you’re doing a creative course like me, can often spark some inspiration when you’re feeling a little uncreative!
  • Stationary – Obviously you’re going to need pens and paper to write with but no one wants to be sitting with black and white books all semester (no, I’m not American, they are actually called semesters at university) so I would recommend investing in some nice, themed new stationary. When I came to university I went for the rose gold theme, and plenty of coloured pens and alternative pencils, it just makes your life a little more fun!
  • Bedding – What’s your favourite colour? What’s your favourite animal? What theme are you going for? What feel are you going for? Consider these things when choosing your bedding. When I came to uni I knew that I wanted my bedroom to feel small and cosy and therefore chose warm coloured bedding that had a tartan pattern to almost feel like it was constantly Christmas in my room! Blankets are also a must since you will be moving in over the winter and will want to stay constantly warm throughout your stay and trust me, your heaters will not be enough! I have a multi-coloured hippie-type blanket and one of those pink mermaid ones that you put your feet in!
  • TV and Game Station – In my room I do have a large TV that I managed to buy off of a friend at the beginning of the university year and also my Xbox One. These have saved me many times when I don’t want to watch what everyone else is in the living room, am bored, or simply need to watch a movie because I am a film student! This is something you will want to get for yourself, you’ll be able to use it when you leave uni too remember!
  • Photos! – You are going to need so many memories from back home so DON’T forget to bring loads of photos which make you happy! Many of my photos are stuck to my wardrobe and show my niece, she makes me smile the most, so only put up photos which you know you love and will always make you happiest!
  • Mugs – I know this sounds odd, but bringing a collection of quirky and exciting mugs could really brighten up your day at uni. Many of mine I have collected whilst I have been here from places like the Oceanarium, however, you could always bring some with you! Check mine out below!



My uni mugs! I bought the tortoise one once before but smashed it in the park! Clever me…


  • YOU – Finally, don’t forget to bring the items that make you, you! For example, I brought my record player which only I can use and plays the music that I love! I have a whole array of records on my shelf along with books that I love and magazine subscriptions that I am a part of. Your shelf is where your dreams have stemmed from, use this space to store those aspirations.

I will be doing a part 2 of this guys but I hope some of these suggestions at least got the ball rolling for you this semester! I will also be doing a uni room walk through on my YouTube channel when I set that up and will be able to show you some more exciting things I brought with me on there when I’m up to it!

I am wishing you all a very happy Wednesday and I want you to all wish me luck since I find out if I get a deli job today!


With love,

Emma xxxx