Hey everyone!

I know that it can be tough when the rain is falling down and there isn’t much to look forward to, but today I found an amazing solution to that! I was contacted by an Instagram account called Positivity Pack who told me to check out the link in their bio, and me having nothing better to do, did! What I found was nothing short of amazing…

The company has been created by an 18 year old entrepreneur who basically wants to share happiness with others! Each month (or on a once off if you want to) you can receive a pack which includes a variety of happy gifts such as stress balls, colouring books and other little treats! It reminds me of like a Birchbox, but for both guys and girls! Since I have found these amazing little subscription boxes, I think I will list some places where you can get other gifts/treats for yourself below…

Remember, being happy is one of the most important things in this life. You are allowed to treat yourself!

  1. Positivity Pack – A box you can receive as a one off or as a part of a three month prescription which includes stress balls and colouring books alike to keep you happy! – £30 per month (http://positivitypack.com/)
  2. Birchbox – Containing 5 beauty gifts every month allowing you to discover new brands and get various different items from dry shampoos to lipsticks to perfumes! – £10 per month (https://www.birchbox.co.uk/)
  3. Pink Parcel – A box containing gifts to help you get through your dreaded monthly period! Pink Parcel sends you a variety of things from coffee bags to hot chocolate and body wash with badges that have positive effects, making your period, no matter how painful, much more bearable! – £10.50 per month (https://www.pinkparcel.co.uk/)
  4. TOPPBOX – This company is for lads who love to pamper! Each month TOPPBOX will send you four top shelf items such as hair gels and shaving creams to help you take care of yourself! Lads, this is a must if you’re trying to impress a girl and want to look good doing it! – £16 per month (https://toppbox.co.uk/)
  5. The Gents Pack – Bringing you underwear, grooming products and a fresh pair of socks for the week, you can enjoy The Gents Pack as a little luxury once a month. – £20 per month
  6. The Crate Co. – Each crate is filled with a selection of lifestyle items for men who are often too busy to go and get grooming products themselves! It is a custom box you help to put together yourself according to your style. – Price dependent on what you include in each box
  7. Beer52 – Each month you receive a selection of 8 craft beers along with a magazine called “Ferment”. If you are a fan of craft beers this one is for you! – £24 per month
  8. Form&Thread – Basically, socks, every month. What more could you want than that! Combining practicality with high end fashion this company offers comfort with their selection of socks per month. – £24 for three pairs
  9. Miss Dreambox – Offering subscriptions for both Tweens and Teens (which I am discussing here) this box includes headbands, body sprays and various other body nourishing treats for girls! – £18.95 per month
  10. BAEBOX – Introducing younger girl teens to stationary and also some different body washes and hand warmers for each month! A really sweet gift for a friend!

I hope some of these appeal to you all and manage to offer some kind of ideas for future presents for friends birthdays and similar! I will be reviewing some of these boxes when I receive the boxes in the post and will be putting these on my YouTube channel which I will link here on the blog when I film it!

Have a positive evening my little milklets!


With love,

Emma xxxx