How To Drink Milk Goes From Blog to Vlog!

Hello there my little milklets!

Looking outside today I could see that the sun was shining and that it was going to be a good day. It is not always easy to feel positive and recently I have felt that I have been pushing lots of my personal goals to one side so that I can please others.

However, today was the day that I accomplished one of the scariest things I’ve had to do. I started up the How To Drink Milk vlogging channel on YouTube! It is by no means any good and it is 100% not the best video out there but in time I feel like I can make things much better!

I am not looking to be the next Zoella or anything like that since the content I post about is simply not gentle enough, the content I will be posting will be all sorts from how to cope with a loss to what to wear on a night out! I want to cater for everything!

Please support me on this journey by not commenting negatively on the post or anything like that but by engaging with it and liking it, plus subscribing! You can follow this link below to check out the video:


Please share and tell your friends and enjoy the rest of this sunny day!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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