So, I don’t always use my blog as a platform to share my concerns but today I do feel the need to. I am concerned. About myself, about the world, about things in my life. I write as much as possible, not only for my website here on How To Drink Milk, but also for many other blogs such as Britz’n’Beatz, Rock Chic and Weekend Notes, as well as trying to aid many other people with their work. I love this, it’s my passion and it is what I want to do with my life, however, sometimes I fear that it will go nowhere and that my passion will not go anywhere.

I want to be as successful as some of the greats and would love to some day be able to be paid for my efforts, but right now that isn’t an option. On top of this I have been rejected from two jobs in the past two days on the grounds of me being too inexperienced for one and appearing as too self-important for the other. If there is anything I know about myself in this life without seeming big headed or “self-important” it is that I am selfless and definitely not full of myself. I just want to help people.

Hearing this has really knocked my confidence.

I want to continue to write the book that I began in year 12 at AS Creative Writing class, however, this is something that has also had to have been pushed to the back burner just so I can attempt to keep up a social media presence online that hopefully will attract some kind of attention from someone who would like to work with me one day. But I feel like I am losing my passion.

I want to write.

That’s all I want.

I need to reignite that somehow, here’s the beginning of my little “get back on your horse girl!” journey. Please join me on it and if you are feeling a similar way in your life right now. We need to stick together.


I love you all for reading.


With love,

Emma xxxx