Escaping Reality

Hey gang!

So recently I have been trying to find ways to chill out and make myself happier. Some of the best ways I have discovered are times when I am alone. Being alone can always make people feel down, especially if you are arguing with a friend or you begin to overthink things. I 100% overthink everything, from the way I look to what others think of me.

I can’t deny that I have struggled to understand anxiety, what it is, why people have it… I find it confusing. That’s not disrespecting anyone who has it, that’s just how I feel. But I am beginning to believe that I may have it. I panic sometimes over the smallest things and have started to suffer from minor panic attacks.

Due to all of this I have had to find ways to care for myself and make things easier to cope with. A way to escape reality and feel happier alone. Below I have listed some of these ways:

  • Books – I know teachers tell you to read from a young age because it’ll expand your mind, but honestly, it will give you a whole new world to be immersed in. Read anything. It could be a 10 page poetry anthology, whatever distracts your mind. I am currently reading IT – Stephen King. It helps me to be distracted completely from my own situations.
  • Television – At university I am unable to watch live television, however, I can access ITV on demand and other things like that. If you have Netlfix or whatever just simply find a show that you are captivated by and keeps you thinking. I am currently watching the ITV drama Broadchurch which keeps me thinking about “who dunnit?” and I can forget all my troubles while it is playing.
  • Therapeutic Colouring Books – Many of you will have noticed that nowadays there are colouring books for adults, multiple themes and colours and metallics, all intended to make you feel relaxed and calm. I have been doing these for years and they really help.
  • Yoga – If you can find yourself a nice yoga playlist (I recommend Spotify) then yoga can really help you to release some pent up stress that you may have. Sun worshipping and other moves can certainly make you feel cleansed and better in yourself.

I really hope just a few of these have helped for now!

With love,

Emma xxxx


7 thoughts on “Escaping Reality

      1. I am pretty much mended, as my avatar would suggest. Have been since I retired from a soul crushing job The problem is rarely who or what you are. It is usually either you don’t like what you are or some else doesn’t like it.

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