So the other day I had the great honour of going to London for not my first time, but for my first time being a tourist! It seems crazy that as a British person who only lives about an hour from London I have never had the opportunity to go and see some of the landmarks that make this country great!

Along with my friend Peter, I got to explore great things such as Big Ben, the Westminster Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s Gardens and the general streets that hold the buzz of London’s culture. Today, I want to share with you all the things I saw and how amazing London is!

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Personally, I could never live in London, as beautiful as it is purely because of just how busy it is. At every traffic light there is 100 people and on every street you have to work out how to walk around all those people, but when all these people are not around or you get to catch a glimpse at the architecture without being distracted, you can really see the history of London. You can see where the Victorians would have worked and you pass places like Hamley’s that you know have been there for years since even your grandparents were young!

One of the things I wish we had time to do was to go to the museums, can you believe that they are all free? My mum told me that my granddad had worked at the toy museum in his hay day, and this is something that I would have loved to check out too! I plan to make another post on the London museums next time I go so please look out for that!

Aside from all of this however, the day was absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you how it feels to look at landmarks like Big Ben and physically look at the architecture with your own eyes. To see how big it is. To look at all the people around you who aren’t even phased by it while you are stood there, mouth gaped open and your mind going wild thinking about all the men who built it and the hands that touched it.

If you are ever planning to go to London then I say that you should be a tourist. Don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t be afraid to absolutely immerse yourself in London and see our British culture because it really is beautiful. However, the next time I go I really want to look at the back streets a little more and see the raw parts of London that not everyone gets to be a part of when they do not live there.

I think my favourite part of the day however was being able to watch the guard walk past me outside the Guard’s House. Check it out in the video I took below:

I really recommend heading down to London if you ever have a day out as it is gorgeous and with the right amount of cash you can really enjoy yourself!
Tell me your London adventures in the comments below!


With love,

Emma xxxx