An Interview With How To Drink Milk!

Hey gang! It’s not often I share my personal writing work here on the blog, however, recently I had the opportunity to take part in an interview at Bournemouth University with a friend of mine called Vicky who is on the radio course! Below I have attached the audio files of the interview and also some of the poems I read out which are soon to be broadcast on Birst radio!

Please check them out and let me know what you think!

The Interview:

A short interview between Vicky and myself talking a little more about me and the poems I write along with a few other personal discussions!

Lace for Liquorice:

A poem with dark morals discussing the relationship between a young girl and the man who she loves.

Deliciously Insane:

A poem using metaphors to discuss the mania that ensues when a woman loves a man she can’t have.

Lucifers and Gods:

A poem using the metaphor of ethereal beings to describe the aftermath of a woman’s breakup with her man.

Stormy Weather:

An emotional poem describing the horrors of war in relation to relationships and how they can end.

The Clown That Dripped Tears:

A poem describing the story of one man in his circus job as his life falls apart around him.

I hope you have all enjoyed listening to my work. All copyrights reserved to me! A big shout out to Vicky for the interview too. Writing poetry comes from within you, somewhere where all the pain sits and all your thoughts lay. It is not always easy to get your words down on paper but when you do I think that you express a part of yourself that you never even knew was so rich with emotion.

I hope you all have a lovely day!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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